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AMA School of Medicine LogoAMASOM, The AMA School of Medicine, is the medical college run by AMA Group of Colleges. The medical college is situated at AMA College Makati, which is Philippines’ business and financial capital. The medical classrooms and laboratories can be located on the 8th floor of the College Main Building at Makati.



AMA School of Medicine has laboratories for  Gross Anatomy, Parasitology, Microbiology, Histology,  and Pathology.

AMA College of Medicine Makati Building One

Affiliated Medical Center

AMASOM’s affiliate training hospital is the QUIRINO MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER (QMMC) opened in November 1952. QMMC consistently bags the Red Orchid Award in recognition for promoting a 100% Tobacco-Free Environment. It strictly follows the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework of recommendations with a bed capacity of 500.

QMMC Medical Center

Course Details

Three years of medical education covers mostly the integrated learning of the basic in classrooms and clinical sciences in community settings. The final year of the curriculum mainly focus on the application of these concepts learned in the first three years.

Course Outline

Year 1: Organ Systems and Basic Sciences

Year 2: Management and Human Disease Mechanisms

Year 3: Advanced Human Disease Management

Year 4: Application in community – Clinical Program Clerk


The education methodology of AMA incorporates information technology based capabilities derived from its parent AMA college which is known for its technological advancement in teaching methodologies. The AMA Medical Curriculum enhances it’s assessment and clinical practice by imparting technology-led learning. This is one of the foremost strength offered by AMA.

  1. Technology-Aided Teaching Methodology.
  2. Ideal lecturer to student ratio.
  3. Specialized faculties in every chosen medical field.
  4. Problem-Based Teaching.
  5. Lectures that are not just traditional.
  6. Anatomy dissection Hands-on Experience.
  7. Affordable and Flexible Fees Payment.
  8. Affiliation with private and government health centers.

The MD degree at AMASOM is one of the Philippines Medical Colleges, which is recognized by the Medical Council of India. MD degree done in the Philippines is equivalent to MBBS degree offered by earlier British colonial Commonwealth countries such as India. Indian students will be given license to practice by MCI after clearing the examinations and formalities outlined by them.

AMA Laboratory

International students studying at AMA Medical College, Philippines

AMA School of Medicine conducts specialized integrated program for international students. Foreign students can enroll for their premedical program in BS Psychology, a one-year program for students with a science background. Upon successful completion of the psychology program, students get into Doctor of Medicine program after passing NMAT test. Most of the international students undertaken by AMA belong to India followed by Nepal and Pakistan.

AMASOM College Address:

8th Floor, AMA One Building ,

5486 South Superhighway,

Bangkal, Makati City,


For more information visit the college official site,

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