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                    The oldest system of siddha medicine. It is practiced in south India especially Tamilnadu. It is a traditional system the medicine which is gradually evolved along with the Dravidian’s culture and after this system is known as Dravidian system of medicine. The exponents of siddha medicine are called siddhars.siddhars have meditation yoga practice and other activities. They explained the reality of nature. The power of siddha with experimental findings. Developed the siddha medical system exponents of eighteen siddhars.This system are not only in medicine but also in yoga, alchemy and philosophy.

Concepts of siddha:


                  The aim of siddha medicine to make the body perfect and to promote longevity. Siddar’s said healthy life tips these including dietary habits and insisted some code of ethics. This is the first system to emphasis health. The perfect state of physical,mental,social,moral and spiritual component of human being they said simple way of life according to the laws of nature and beyond the narrow divisions of caste creed,religio colour and nation. Siddha system based on the ‘Andapinda Thathuvam’. It means relationship between universe and human body. It is an interlinked through the five basic principles that is ‘Panchaboothangal’. the siddha concepts is a mainly connected in to the nature. The three humors (vadham, pitham, and kabam) is disturbed disease is caused this affect climatic conditions,physical activities and stress.


                   Mainly eight items required which is commonly known as “Enn Vakaith Thervu”.

  1. Na (Tongue) : Black in vatham,yellow in pitham. 2. Varnam (Colour) : dark in vatham,yellow or red in pitham,pale in kabam. 3. Kural (voice) : Normalvatham, high pitched in pitham. 4. Kan (Eyes) : Yellowish or red in pitham . 5. Thodal (Touch) : dry in vatham. 6. Malam (Stool): Black stools indicate vatham. 7. Neer (Urine): reddish- yellow color in excessive heat rose in blood pressure. 8. Naddi (Pulse) : The Confirmatory method.

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The siddha “Yugi Muni” the diseases are widely classified into 4448.the clinical signs and symptoms. Psychological causes, Involvement of the affected, parts of the body. Genetical inheritance

Drugs :

                           The siddha classified the drugs in three types.  These are Herbal Poducts,Metal,Mineralproductsandanimal products. The siddha medicine more than 8 0% of the medicines is formulated by herbal products. Thavaram drugs like an herbal treatment, Thathu (Metal) it’s a salt oriented. Siddha medicine has five properties. Suvai, Gunam, Veeryam, Pirivu and Mahimai. Siddha medicine has two types of treatments. 1. Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine was through the oral route) 2.External Medicine (Eye and Ear drops).


 Treatment Aspects:

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                        Siddha treatment classified into 64 types. Two types of treatments are there. Internal medication 32 and external treatments 32. Preventive measurements are clearly mentioned in siddha system. Proper diet, medicine and disciplined regimen if life are advised for a healthy living and to restore equilibrium of humors in diseased condition. Thiruvalluvar Explains 4 successful treatment. They are Patient, the attendant, Physician and Medicine.

The treatment into three types They are

  1. Divine method( parpam ,guru,kuligai made of mercury)
  2. Rrational method ( Kudineer,churanam)
  3. Surgical Method(incision,Excision,blood letting)

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Varma Science and thokkanam Therapy:

                          Varmam are important in the body’s that act as energy transformers or batteries. The intricate nadi system of the body. It is vital points which are present in the various arts of our body. Classified in to 108 varma points. There points are injured due to trauma or accident in serious neuro-muscular-musculoskeletal. This is an effective treatment. The siddha science is a peculiar science that always insists a healthy life style and sure many chronic ailments without producing any side effects.

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