Career option in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine

How Veterinarian makes an difference in the Society :

Embark on an exciting career path in veterinary  medicine, where you can put your knowledge and compassion into practice and preventing disease and healing animals who can’t express the pain of their sickness is at the heart of what veterinarians do. But they also do so much more.

They often take a kind approach to human well-being and animal welfare . Veterinarians make uniquely qualified to full fill a variety of roles such as problem solving skills and combined with communications.

Career Options in study veterinary Medicine :

Education :

More than veterinarians teaching in academic or non-professional schools and colleges. Anywhere you find a medical, agriculture or veterinary school are likely to helping to provide  knowledge for animal health and diseases.Veterinarian Graduates in institutions teach students,write scientific journals and conducting research. Specialization such as     Surgery, Anaesthesiology,Dermatology,Radiology,Dentistry, Laboratory Animal Medicine , Microbiology etc.

The duration of study veterinary medicine course is UG. B.V.Sc ( bachelor of veterinary science)- 5 yrs. …PG M.V.Sc ( master of veterinary science) – 2 yrs.

Study Veterinary Medicine

Private practice:

It can be defined as either a specific field such as ophthalmology, orthopaedics,aquatic animal medicine, Gynaecology,General medicine and surgery or training and experience.

The Army corps and Air force and Research :

It offers opportunities in areas such as food safety and military  working dog veterinary medicine . Research , either in a university approved or with some companies produce animal related products and medicines or vaccine Production.


Veterinarian in army


The Regulatory medicine and Public Health:

All country and states public health service, which works to control the transmission as animal to human  ( Zoonotic diseases).They continuously inspect milk,meats and make safe to consume other animal food products.Public health Veterinarians are investigate food borne diseases and  evaluate safety of food and water and they study effects of environmental contamination.

Federal Government:

It employs veterinarians are through United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) , National Institutes of Health(NIH), centers for Disease Control  Food and Drug Administration(FDA) working on public health,agricultural animal health, bio-security and so on .


Diagnostic Laboratories:

Veterinarians  who are specialize in these field includes advance training in veterinarians pathology and microbiology.these are focus in our career on developing and utilizing the art of equipments and techniques such as innovative, accurate and services to the animal health community. The study of veterinary medicine  have more exploring career options. so, all the students get this opportunity as soon.


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