Education is not the learning of facts but training the mind to think

“Education is not the learning of facts but training the mind to think”
is an inspirational quote of a legend Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a legend in the world of inventions. He is not just dictated this quote he lived and practiced in the same way. He is not just learnt the education. Einstein trained his mind to think on what he is learning.



Education is like a candle which lights our mind that’s in the darkness of illiteracy. It is a sword to fight for success, a power to lead. From birth mind starts working but with time its start thinking and the more we get knowledge through education and experience its start thinking for a better present and best future.


Learning the facts is primitive level 


Education is result oriented when the learner is on a track to sharpen the necessary skills to find the facts independently. Learning the facts is primitive level which goes through the level of exploring the facts to a level to use the facts in a productive way.

In these ages of years there are lots and lots of developments has been emerged in the field of education. As compared with a past few decades now a day the grade and level of education and process of learning has been developed.

A country will be recognized as a developed or developing county by few analyses the first and foremost is literacy rate. For example in the early years children where thought by their parents their own family traditional business like pottery, farming etc. But nowadays the level of education developed in a vast areas and fields. In this century student can select their field of interest and they can lighten up its results. There are many fields like Medicine, Arts, Architecture and etc…

Let’s see about the Development in Medicine field:

Medical education in India is a traditional practice from ancient times. From the beginning people not just learned medicine as an education instead they practiced by training their mind.

Each and every country has its own medical practice some were same as our Indian Medical practice. On this basis for the past few years our Indians are immigrated to other countries to develop their knowledge of medicine to the world standard. In this process many countries are paving way like Asian, European, American and also other continents and their countries.

As we seen before the countries which are providing medical course called MBBS as same as our India are mostly Asian countries in this Philippines is the most reliable country. Medicine in Philippines is a cost worthy and knowledge worthy course. This country has the same climate of India which is in the tropical region. So our Indian students can get the Medical practice for same disease spectrum equal to India in Philippines.

Philippine MBBS Admission:


Philippine is an economic country where our Indian students are getting medicine course in an affordable fee. In this process student should think and approach the overseas consultant to get admission in Philippines.


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