English Speaking Patients In Philippines

Top Ten English Speaking Countries


English is considered as the most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese and Spanish languages. English speakers are found across 7 continents in the world. Here is a map which shows the location of top 10 English-speaking countries in the world.

In this list of Top 10 countries with most English speakers, USA is on top with some 298,444,149 people speaking English. India is in the second rank but about 11% of population is only speaking English, the number of people speaking English in India is 125,226,449.

On the third place is Pakistan which has 99,690,000 English speakers. At the fourth place it is Nigeria with 79,000,000 people speak English. There are only two European countries are mentioned in this list. While the United Kingdom is at the fifth place according to its population rate with 59,600,000 English speakers, but it is 97% of English speakers on its overall population. Germany is in the seventh place with 51,584,000 English speakers.
The other two Asian nations are The Philippines and Bangladesh. Philippines occupy the sixth place with 52,292,884 English speakers and Bangladesh has some of 29,398,158 English speakers. With 28,101,325 the North African nation of Egypt is at the ninth place and Canada is at the tenth place with 28,360,240 English speakers.




Top Ten English Speaking Countries in the World


Rank Countries % English Speakers Total English Speakers
1  United Kingdom 97.74 5,96,00,000
2  United States 95.81 25,13,88,301
3  Philippines 92.58 8,98,00,800
4  Canada 85.63 2,83,60,240
5  Germany 70 4,62,72,504
6  Nigeria 53.34 7,90,00,000
7  Pakistan 49 9,43,21,604
8  Egypt 35 2,81,01,325
9  Bangladesh 18 3,01,08,031
10  India 12.1 12,52,26,449


Let us See about Philippines…


The availability of quality human resources is one of the key advantages of Philippines the people are highly educated, the literacy rate is 94 % and 70 % of the population are fluent in English. This makes Philippines one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world.

Based on many surveys, the Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. There are no native English speakers but their talent pool them to speak, read and write in this language in higher level.




Philippines has English and Filipino as official languages but it is not mean that everyone understands or speaks English, but the exposure to the language is very great that they do speak it and communicate in quite fluency.


English language in Philippine Education system.


Once the United State of America Colonized the Philippine country their language English was introduced as the formal language for education system in this country. A letter of Instruction was issued by the US President William McKinley on April 7, 1900 to declare that English should be the medium of Instruction at all level of the Educational system in Philippines.



English Plays role in India and in Philippines:

English is the Official Language of both the countries India and Philippines. The education system is also comparatively same. Both the countries has the English language in their medium of Instruction at all level of public educational system.


Benefits for Indian students:

Nowadays Indian students are emerging to study various course in worldwide countries. In this list Philippines plays a major role. Especially for the past 1 decade more than thousands of students immigrated to Philippines to study Medicine in various colleges. As the Climate prevails in Philippines is similar to India there our students get more relevant practical experience in the same disease spectrum. And the most important similarity is language where English plays a major role in Philippines our students are also in the same medium of instruction till their educational grade of 10 + 2.


Handling Patients:


Here is the main conclusion for the benefits which our Indian students experience in Philippine is handling Patients. In their medical course after studying all the techniques as a Physician they need to undergo clinical rotation that time as the people of Philippine with 92 % of English literacy rate they can fluently communicate in English. This will help our students to understand the case of their patient and they can treat them well. All together English as a global language plays a tremendous role in the educational system of both Indian and Philippine countries.

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