Independence Day Celebration 2016 at UPHSD, Philippines

On 15-Aug-2016, Fence Education Academy Indian Students gathered at UPHSD, Philippines to celebrate Indian Independence at the University Campus. Fence Education Academy Director Sailapathy and Sankar Sivaprakasam along with UPHSD delegates graced the occasion.


Today 15th August 2016 we are celebrating our 70th year of Independence. This day is celebrated all over India with great joy, pride and patriotism.

What is special about this day?

Long Before India was under the rule of British Kingdom. Indians were treated like slaves. Children were not allowed to go to school. All goods were taken from India and sold at British Market with huge price and the profits were not given to the Indians.

This made Indians revolt against British. Our great freedom fighters like  Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Bala Gangadhar Thilak, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Subramaniya Bharathiyar, Kattabomman, Maruthu Pandiyar and many leaders fought for our rights and freedom from British. Even Women fighters Like Sarojini Naidu, Annie Besant, Rani Laxmi Bhai, Velu Nachiyar and many women fighters came out from their houses and played their great role in getting freedom.

In 1857 the revolution for Independence started. The period between 1857 – 1947 is called India Freedom Struggle. During this period most of the leaders were killed by the British. They sacrifice their lives only for one motive that is to get our Independence from British.

When Mahatma Gandhi started to lead the fight, the British sensed that they were going to face some serious troubles. Mahatma chose the path of peace and NonViolence to get the freedom. He asked the people of India to follow the policy of Non-violence.

He started movements like  Dandi March, Non-Cooperation movement, civil disobedience movement and quit India movement. He was arrested and put in jail for several times. India has suffered almost  300 years under British. After a lot of struggle finally on midnight of 14th August 1947, India got its freedom from British. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first prime minister of Independent India.

Years Passed, Our Motherland India has grown a lot. We are one of the leading democratic in the world. We have grown in fields like education, technology, sports, finance, transportation and in many fields. The India we see today is the result of the sacrifice of many great leaders, and it has our leaders dream of it.

Gandhiji believed that three things would help us to achieve the freedom for the individual. They are Honesty, Self-reliance, and Education.

Gandhiji believed that truth is God.

Do you know that Gandhiji always speaks the truth?

Once during a school inspection, Gandhiji had spelled the word, ‘kettle’ wrong. When his teacher forced him to copy from others and correct the spelling, Gandhiji refused to do it as it was not the right thing to do.

Gandhiji believed that truth is a God. He always does the right things regardless of who’s around.

He found that honesty is the number one virtue which will attract all the other good qualities such as responsibility and self-reliance.

How many of us are willing to take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

Many people do not worry about their actions and their bad consequences on others. Irresponsible people always make an excuse or blame others. They neither allow others to be happy nor happy themselves. These people not just lack education, but they are the outcome of poor character building at home and school.

Many of us think that Education only teaches us English or Maths.

But the truth is, It mainly teaches us how to Be self-dependent, how to build our character, how to live life and handle bad situations. It teaches us how to use time rather than pass the time. It eradicates poverty and promotes peace in the Nation.

Here I want to remind our former president AbdulKalam’s quote

Where there is righteous in  heart, there is beauty in  character

Where there is beauty in  heart, there is harmony in  home

Where there is harmony in  home, there is order in  nation

Where there is order in  nation, there is peace in world

Gandhiji achieved our India’s Independence with his principles and values.  If we follow his principles and values in our life, all of us can achieve success in our life.

Let us do our duty sincerely to achieve our personal dream which in turn lead us to peace and prosperity of our nation.

Jai Hind.

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