Medical Career Options In India


              Medicine is a vast field in India. Medical careers are available across a multitude of educational and skill levels. It also in various fields such as homeopathy or allopathic.

Modern Medicine In India :

m1       Today , Medicine in India is very different from modern medicine are United States. In India, that government supports many different types of traditional medicine including biomedicine, Ayurveda, and yoga. Ayurveda has been practiced for thousands of years was Indian culture. The people of India preferred Ayurveda because it was less costly and they were already habitual to that practice. Ayurveda are used today as a spiritual form of medicines that connects the body to the mind.


              Biomedicine is a type of healing ,it practiced was not only in India but all over the world. It accompany the advanced medicine with that natural medicine.

Homeopathy :

89            The term Homeopathy had been derived from two Greek words ‘Homeo’ meaning similar and ‘Pathos’ meaning suffering or treatment by the same. It uses the principle of ‘Like can cure like’ to heal diseases. Homeopathy provides the quick cures, and is especially in effective dealing with chronic disease and harsh illnesses. Remedies are usually powerful but dilute and is entirely free of malicious side effects.


ho1             It simulates the body’s natural restore to health energy by uses of minute lethal weapon of natural remedies and to help the patient to regain their health. This type of remedies are made from natural polymeric substance such as plants, minerals and animal sources .

Physiotherapist :

               A physiotherapist helps patients to improve their physical movement. They treat people who are hurt or disabled in order to recover a full function and lateral movement. It’s both cure and prevention focused, and requires in-depth anatomical studies and musculoskeletal knowledge. Therapy habitually covers: Exercise , Massage , Stretching , Medication . Physiotherapists are required to maintain close physical contact with their patients; they must not shy away from such closeness. Compassion, good communications, friendliness, empathy, and patience are must.


Courses : DPT – Diploma in Physiotherapy

BPT – Bachelor Of Medine

MPT – Master of Physiotherapy

A one year Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT) will also grant a special privilege access into BPT physiotherapy courses. Further studies are involve the two-year Master of Physiotherapy (MPT).

 Naturopathy :

             Naturopathy promotes self-cleansing, repair and healing. Focusing on the immune, hormonal, nervous and detoxification body can once again attain homeostasis. Practitioners, then, focus on and work closely with the patient’s own unique set of certain symptoms, chemical reaction and status – the treatment protocols are highly personalized.2

      The patient’s are own biochemistry, biomechanics and rational predisposition are harnessed to combat illness. In India neuropaths are appointed in government as well as private hospitals and health centers. They can also start their own joint venture where there is high density of population.

                   Naturopathy was getting increasingly popular in all countries across the world, including India, among people who wish to escape the various side effects and symptoms caused by the allopathic system of medicine. Hence the goal of employment in this sphere is increasing in size.

Orthopedics :

              Orthopedics is surgical method with correcting deformities in bones or muscles, which is known as the Musculoskeletal System. This is what gives animals and human beings their form, supports their bodies, gives them reliability and facilitates motion.


               With the use of both surgical and non surgical methods, orthopedic surgeon are able to treat birth deformities, arthritis and damage caused by physical trauma to the bones or muscles.

                    In order to be eligible for a Master of Surgery(M.S.)courses in orthopedics, the candidate is required to complete an M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), or an equivalents, from any recognized university in India.

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