University of Santo Tomas, Manila

                           University of Santo Tomas, Manila

History :

The oldest existing university in Asia and the largest Catholic University in the world in terms of population is found in the Philippines. The University of Santo Tomas in España, Manila in the District of Sampaloc, turned 400 years old. Some compare UST as an institution older than the Harvard University, America’s oldest university. 
This proves the University’s superior academic programs old University of Santo Tomas draws inspiration from the teachings and philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic doctor and patron saint of Catholic schools. UST has produced. While the University of Santo Tomas holds the distinction of being Asia’s oldest existing university, its age is coupled with its preeminence in Philippine education. 


The University, in pursuit of truth, guided by reason and illumined by faith, dedicates herself to the generation, advancement, and transmission of knowledge to form competent and compassionate.  Vision:

Faithful to its centuries-old tradition of excellence, the University of Santo Tomas envisions itself as a premier Catholic institution , committed to the professional and moral formation of her stakeholders for social transformation.


There are plenty of dormitories, boarding houses, and apartments within the vicinity of UST. Students particularly find renting a place near the university quite practical. Since classes normally get suspended due to floods, Thomasine find it a treat to be able to go home and condominiums near UST have affordable and good quality education. Some of the establishments near UST are the Espuma Grand Residences, University Tower 2, Crown Tower University Belt, etcetera.


The UST Hospital trains young men and women in the medical arts and science. To sustain the ever-expanding needs of our sick and poor patients, the UST Our Paying, or Private Patients, for entrusting their care to Our devoted Medical Staff.  And finally, we humbly and sincerely thank The Supreme Healer, for guiding us to do the best we can to ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters.


The Best Library facility in the  UST campus for students .and this is a main library inside the UST campus .



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