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Study Medicine In Philippines

Study Medicine In Philippines - one of the best place for students who want to study abroad at affordable price and high quality. Philippines offers one of the best medical education in the world. One in ten doctors in the United States have undergone their medical graduation from the Philippines. University ofPerpetual Help System DALTA Student Karl Emmanuel Mercader Tops 2017 Physician License Examination.

Study MD In Philippines for Indian Students

MD course in Philippines or other foreign country is equivalent to MBBS degree in India as recognized by Medical council of India. Around 9000 students leave India to study medical degree abroad in China, Russia, Philipinnes every year. But, Indian students who study medical degree (MD) in Philippines will not see much difference compared to studying in India as course subjects, climate, cost of living, food habits, language are almost similar.


English Speaking Patients

Biggest advantage of choosing Philippines as medical study destination is because of its high literacy rate of 95.6% and it is the third largest english speaking country in the world. It provides an environment where citizens are forced to speak in English and every citizen get to learn English language very fast. All road signs and advertising is done in English. During clinical practice, it is important that doctors are able to communicate with the patients to understand their problems and diagnose the disease properly. Philippines having English as official language, suits foreign students for abroad studies compared to other non western countries. For students who study medicine in China or Russia, it is real nightmare during clinical practice unless they learn the local language.

Disease Spectrum

Having similar climate like India, Philippines patients would have similar disease spectrum as in India. This would help students to compete with local medical students in India to excel in their profession when they start their practice in India.

High Hands-on clinical Practice

Like in Indian Government Medical colleges, Philippines medical universities are the best among offering good hand-on clinical practice to students. Being catholic christian dominated country, abortion is banned in Philippines by law. This leads to high number of deliveries, resulting in improved hands-on during clinical practice for medical students.

Travel and Accomodation

On campus accommodation for international students is available. Hostel rooms have attached bathrooms, with single, double or triple beds. Students can choose AC or non AC rooms based on their preference. Many Hostels in Philippines provide north indian as well as south indian dishes. Students can avail vegetarian or non-vegetarian food based on their preference. Universities do not allow students to cook their food in room or in their dormitories. Students who hire apartments outside can cook at apartments. Facilities for laundry, personal care are available within the campus. For female students, universities have separate hostel facilities.

Some universities in Philippines have 'little India' inside their campus...Some have 'little tamilnadu' too.

Screening Test

Indian Students who pursue medical degrees abroad should clear Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) in order to start their practice as well as to take any exam for post graduate programs in India. This examination is held twice in year in June and December on the 3rd monday or tuesday of the month by National Board of Examinations.

This test consists of one paper comprising 300 multiple choice (single correct response) questions in English language, delivered in two parts to be taken in a single day.FMGE is divided into two parts of 150 questions each with time allocation of 150 minutes for each part. There is a scheduled break between the two parts. Student is declared passed, if he/she obtains a minimum of 150 marks out of 300 in the examination. There are no restrictions on number of attempts by an applicant to clear the exam. Percentage of abroad students who clear the screening test is generally around 25%. Pass Percentage is high in students who study medical degree in asian countries such as Philippines and Nepal compared to China, Russia, etc.

Total Cost and Fees

In Philippines, there is no donation or capitation fees. Students need to pay yearly tuition fees and hostel fees (if they take on-campus accommodation) to the universities. Based on our alumni student experience, total cost for completing medicine degree in Philippines would be close to Rs 15 lakhs.