Approximately around 5 lakh students travel abroad every year to study MBBS. There may be many reasons for these students to travel far away from their town.  In this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of studying MBBS in abroad.

The following advantages could only be enjoyed in some of the countries which offer MBBS to Indian students. So it is up to you to research more on these topics and select the best country and the best university in which you want to pursue your MBBS degree.

Affordability and Budget for Study Medicine

Yes, affordability is the major and the main reason many Indian students travel very far from their homes in order to study medicine. On an average, private medical colleges in India, could charge a student more than a crore rupees to complete the degree.

When we look at the abroad options, some countries only charge up to 20 – 30 lakhs in total to complete your Medicine  degree. This would perfectly fit into an average Indian middle class family budget. 

This factor is a huge advantage for many Indian students to study MBBS without thinking twice about their budget.

Educational Infrastructure in Foreign Countries

Every country will have its own model of educational infrastructures. Most of the countries abroad believe that a good infrastructure of a college will provide quality education. 

Many medical colleges abroad spend most of their investment and profits in upgrading their infrastructures every year. This aspect will give a great opportunity to learn their curriculum in a great environment.

Educational infrastructure is also a great advantage that many students studying MBBS in abroad countries enjoy.

Medical Exposure while studying Medicine in Abroad

Different countries have different disease patterns and different treatment methods. Students studying MBBS in abroad countries could learn more about different disease patterns.

The students can also learn about new methods of treatments in their clinical trials.

This will provide the student with a unique medical exposure while studying medicine in abroad countries. This also acts as an advantage for these students.

Increased Opportunities.

After completing MBBS from the preferred country, the student could even practice Medicine in the same country or travel back to India and practice. 

This broadens their career opportunities when compared with a student studying MBBS in their own country. This is a next level advantage only available to the students studying MBBS in abroad countries.

Experience and Confidence

Most of the students who study MBBS in abroad countries will get great experience about life and gain a lot of confidence about their career. During their stay in the foreign country, they get to learn a lot about life and problem solving skills. These skills will be a lot helpful during their career and will stay with them life long.


These are some of the aspects which only students studying in abroad will gain. If the student chooses the country and the college wisely these advantages could be experienced by them a lot more.Please share your experience and comments in the comment section below.