72nd Republic Day 2021 Virtual Celebration by Indian Medical Students in Philippines


Republic day is an important day to every Indian citizen. This day reminds us that we the people hold the supreme power and we alone can select a representative to represent us and take our country to the next level. Our great nation became a republic on 26th of January 1950. We Indians celebrate our Republic day with great pride and patriotism. And we will continue to follow this tradition for centuries yet to come. Indian republic day of 2021 is a very different one in the history of India. COVID19 has made this world a totally different one, many schools and universities celebrated this year’s republic day virtually.

Initiation Ceremony

But we at FENCE Education Consultancy Inc. are proud to say that we are an educational partner of UNIVERSITY OF PERPETUAL HELP SYSTEM DALTA, Philippines celebrated our Indian republic day just like a real Indian university. This celebration was done virtually yet satisfied all of us just like a real one. The university tried to their upmost capability to deliver their Indian students the best republic day celebration they could deliver, and to be honest they really did a wonderful job in accomplishing it.

The celebration started with our very own national anthem. Each and every line of our glorious anthem brought up the morale and patriotism which was in abundant in our hearts. As we brought up the national flag in our thoughts our minds were filled with thankfulness and patriotic felling towards our nation’s army and their sacrifices. Following our national anthem, the Philippines national anthem was played.

UPHSD Administrators Speech

The initial speech was delivered by the School Director of UPHSD, Las Pinas campus Dr. Arnold De Guzman. Dr. Guzman’s speech was very clear and was about the current global crisis and the new normal. During his speech he said “we must learn new things and unlearn old ways”, These words said during his speech was really an eye opener and shows us the involvement of the university in the evolution of its educational system, and the efforts they put in during these crisis.

Next the Executive Director, Office of Internal Students Affairs, Admiral Wilfredo D. Tamayo delivered his speech. His speech was a thanking note to the Indian students and consultancies for choosing UPHSD. Further he speaks about unity among students and quality of the education they are trying to provide the students.

Following that it was the Executive Vice President of UPHSD Dr. Alfonso H. Loreto. This speech was also a thanking note from the founders of the UPHSD and his speech was focused on the importance of friendship and cooperation and the most important part of his speech was to insist us to take care of others around us, He also added his thanking note to us the FENCE which is one of the main partner consultancies to the UPHSD

The final speech was given by the Dean CAS DR. Joven O Sepino. He started his speech by greeting all the students a happy Indian republic day and also recalls his last year republic day celebration in their institution’s auditorium before the COVID19 Crisis. He also delivered a few words on the importance of republic day and also honored the people who worked hard to gain the republic status for India.

Republic Day wishes from FENCE Educational Consultancy

Mr. Karthik Ramiah, the Executive Director of FENCE presented the republic day wishes on behalf of The CEO & The Founder Mr.  Gunasekar Ariyamuthu and FENCE Educational Consultancy to all Indian students at UPHSD Philippines and the Indian staffs working in Philippines. He also added his special thanks to the Chairman of the Board – Dr. General Anthonio Tamayo, Vice Chairman – Ms. Daisy Tamayo & President – Anthony Jose M. Tamayo for the continuous support to our Indian Students.

Dance Performances

There were several dance performances which were performed by the medical students of UPHSD virtually on the occasion.

Mr. Jimil performed a fabulous western fusion dance titled “A tribute to Michael Jackson and Prabhu Deva” it was a 2-minute performance which was power packed. This tribute was really a stunning one and a fabulous one.

Ms. Rakshitha performed a 5-minute-long classical dance which was divided into 3 parts Attitude, Expression and Independence. This performance was really up to professional standards and was a very elegant one.

Ms. Neha performed a power packed modern dance the 3minute performance was really an entertaining one.

Ms. Vanshika & Ms. Vithika performed a 2minute classical dance which was neatly organized and choreographed.

Vocal Performances

There were multiple song performances done by the students of UPHSD, these performances were virtual but stole our hearts like a live performance.

Ms. Veinie Chong sang Imagine by John Lennon a masterpiece which was performed with the upmost quality and clarity with a voice that could melt you.

Mr. Muhil Manoharan with his heart-warming voice sang New York Nagaram composed by A.R.R. and Jab Tak by Arman Malik following it was Shape of you by Ed Sheeran his 3 minute performance was really a great feast to our ears.

Mr. Amit performed Tere Jane Kagam with his guitar and his glorious voice it was a wonderful experience. His guitar skill was top notch.

Faculty Games

Republic Day celebration had a really fun packed activity. This activity was dedicated to the faculty of UPHSD. It was tongue twisters given in both Hindi and Tamil. It was really fun to watch the faculty try hard to speak our native Languages.

Skit and Video Presentations

There was a fun filled skit performed by a group of students portraying the fun they have in their online classes due to COVID19. This skit was really humorous and showed us a different dimension of fun they have in their online classes.

A fabulous clip which was edited by a student named Ms. Nithya with “Ma Thuje Salam” as the background music. This video was filled with segments of visuals. This video was rich with patriotism and love toward our motherland. It portrayed segments of various places and different types of foods of India it was really a feast to our eyes.

The final student portrayal was by Ms. Christina which was a video editing of natural sceneries with awesome background music. The sceneries were mesmerizing and gave a soothing experience.

Closing Ceremony

At last, the program came to an end by playing the perpetual hymn a song that sings the pride of the UPHSD. The event was really a great one and the students were really thankful to their management for conducting the republic day celebration and helping them to remember the precious moments they had in their country.