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“It was difficult to become a doctor but

not anymore”

Fence Education Consultancy Inc.

Fence Education Consultancy Inc. is an overseas educational recruitment partner, a pioneer in the field of Philippines overseas medical education has brought medical education to the doorstep of every student. Studying Medicine in Philippines is not only affordable but equips you to become a Doctor with world class standard.

Keeping in mind the shortage of doctors due to seat availability in India, as experts in medical counselling for Philippines education, our professional counselling team ensures that you get absolute clarity in all aspects and have great study experience.

FENCE is an exclusive recruitment partner in Tamilnadu, Puducherry, Kerala & Karnataka from India for the UNIVERSITY OF PERPETUAL HELP SYSTEM DALTA in Philippines. We help parents/students to get to know the admission procedures easily.

Our counsellors can guide students and parents through the entire process of arranging studies abroad from selecting a course and ensure that you arrive safely at your chosen destination. Our organization has a single-minded focus, to guide students to the best possible Institutions, thus enabling them to build their future. Our team of highly experienced counselors actively engage with students to access and adapt to an ever-changing environment through understanding of culture, analysis of data, thoughtful planning, adherence to laws of the country, etc.



End to End Services

Fence provides End to End Services from Admission to registering the student as a doctor in India. Food and Accommodation services are our extra perks.

1000+ Indian Students Dream Come True

Fence has track record of recruiting 1000+ Indian students for Philippines Medical university & helped them to achieve their dream.

Office inside University Campus

Fence has an office inside University campus to take care of Students Enrolment, Visa and their needs.

Dedicated Team in Philippines

Fence has a dedicated team of 30
members and are continuously working in Philippines to take care of our Indian students.

Separate Accommodation for Boys & Girls

Fence provides separate accommodation for Boys & Girls only for Indian students inside the university campus.

Serves Indian Food inside Hostel

Fence serves Indian Food for all our Indian students inside the hostel. Indian chefs are specially appointed to prepare exclusive Indian cuisines.

Fence Indian Canteen

Different Varieties of Indian Foods are served in our Canteen mainly for Indian students who wish to choose individual dishes from the menu.

Easy Instalments to Pay Tuition Fees

Gives easy instalments options for our Indian students to pay their Tuition Fees.

Celebrates Indian Festivals

Ever year Fence celebrates most of the Indian Festivals along with our Indian students.

Our services


FENCE Education Consultancy has a separate educational desk inside the campus especially for Indian students studying in the Philippines. This desk handles all the queries of the students studying medicine in Philippines. They take special care for the needs of the students and guide them in critical situations. This exclusive board is dedicated to improve the quality of living of our students and help them in their dream path.

  • 24*7 Help desk for students
  • Special guidance to Indian students


FENCE Education Consultancy provides accommodation services inside the campus and is monitored by security round the clock. The security is always present inside the premises and the student must have permission from officials to leave the hostel. There are separate accommodations available for boys and girls. The area is under surveillance 24*7 for the protection of the students.


  • Air Conditioned rooms
  • 24*7 Surveillance
  • Separate Accommodation for boys & girls 
About Fence Education Consultancy Inc


Food is the major problem students face when they stay abroad. FENCE Education Consultancy manages a facility which provides Indian cuisines with both north and south Indian variants. Special chefs from India are appointed in the Philippines to cook Indian dishes for the students. The menu is filled with nutrition and prepared with great care exclusively for Indian students.


  • Food cooked by Indian Chefs
  • North and South Indian Cuisines


The UPHSD, Philippines conducts several cultural programs on festivals such as Pongal and Onam, the university also celebrates Indian independence and republic day to boost the morale among the students. Awards are also distributed to the students who performed well in a particular event. Regular programs are conducted on Indian festival occasions to cheer the students and make them feel less homesick.

About Fence Education Consultancy Inc

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