Well, the NEET marks must have been published and we might have got an average mark in the qualifiers. Now, everyone you know will be asking you the same question.

“Are you gonna try NEET again next year or pursue your MBBS in abroad?”

Many of us would opt to give NEET a second shot, but some students who have the desire and passion for this magnificent field will surely make a decision to pursue MBBS in abroad.

Now, there will be several questions which we will need deep clarifications. Some of these questions are.

  • What is a study abroad consultancy?
  • How to choose the best MBBS study abroad consultancy?

What is a MBBS Study Abroad Consultancy?

Consultancy: A consultancy is a professional agency which gives expert advice and assists you in taking the best decisions which is always good for you.

MBBS Study Abroad Consultancy: A MBBS study abroad consultancy is an organisation, which has several years of proficiency in assisting students in making the right choices.

The choices include choosing the right country and choosing the right education institute in that country to pursue their education. Some of the best MBBS study abroad consultancies will have end to end services which is very rare in this field of business.

One thing you must have in mind is that there are differences between end to end service and end to end guidance. End to end guidance is not effective or useful to the students. But end to end services will cover all the process from,

  • Counselling
  • Admission process
  • Visa process
  • Pre departure processing
  • Post visa processing
  • Accommodation services
  • Food services
  • FMGE guidance
  • FMGE coaching
  • MCI accreditation processes and more.

But wait, how will we know if the study abroad consultancy is really providing these services?

Questions to Ask Your Consultant

Yeah, I know many of us will be having the same doubts. You could easily clarify this doubt by asking only a few questions to the consultant.

Ask them these following questions,

  • Does your consultancy provide end to end services? “ The word services is very important here”.
  • Does your consultancy have its presence in the host country, where I am willing to study MBBS?
  • Who will help when I have a problem in abroad country?

to make this question more simple just ask,

  • Does your consultancy have a student help center in the college campus or a main office or a branch office in the country where I am willing to study MBBS?

If the answer is yes to these both questions then you are good to go.

So, now you would have got a basic understanding of MBBS study abroad consultancy.

How to choose the best MBBS study abroad consultancy?

The answer to this is very simple, if the consultancy which you choose is providing you with the end to end services then it’s a green light to choose this particular consultancy.

Just check from the following list if the MBBS study abroad consultancy is providing you these services.

Pre-Departure Services

  • Counselling / Orientation
  • Application processing
  • Passport processing
  • Visa processing
  • Travelling assistance

Post-Departure services

  • Food services
  • Accommodation services
  • Forex services
  • MCI certificate
  • Safety while staying abroad

These are the main end to end services which must be provided by an ideal MBBS study abroad consultancy. If you use this blog as a reference and ask the right questions to the consultancy, you will find yourself the study abroad consultancy.

Know more about medical education consultancies and you are welcomed to spend some time on our blog page to get some detailed view on medical education abroad and our part in it.