Getting a seat in an abroad college has now become an easy task, many Indian consultancies have partnered with top abroad medical colleges. This has opened up great opportunities for Indian medical students to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. In this blog, let us look at some of the common opinions about doing MBBS in the Philippines. Most of these opinions are always positive opinions. Some of the common opinions are:

  • High FMGE pass percentage
  • Highest concentration of Indian students
  • Favorable climatic conditions
  • USA based education curriculum


High FMGE Pass Percentage

FMGE pass percentage is the highest when compared with other foreign countries. This is one of the common opinions among the aspirants who have researched a lot about Philippines medical education. Students who have graduated from the Philippines find it easy to clear their FMGE because of the pattern of education in the Philippines. 

The pattern of medical education in the Philippines will cover most of the topics and questions that will be asked in the FMGE. This aspect helps most of the students who study MBBS in the Philippines to clear the FMGE with minimal effort. Some educational consultancies will provide you with FMGE coaching support in the final years of your academics. So it acts as a great advantage for Indian students who study in the Philippines.

Highest Concentration of Indian Students

Another popular opinion about education in the Philippines is that it has the highest concentration of Indian medical students. Due to the shortage of seats in India most of the Indian medical students choose to complete their medical education in abroad countries. Countries like the Philippines will have an English based curriculum, While other countries like Russia, China and Germany require their students to study their national language before hopping into the academics.

This not only wastes the precious time of the student but also puts an excessive stress on the students for learning a new language. The students can entirely skip learning a new language if they choose the Philippines for studying medicine. This is the main reason for the highest concentration of Indian medical students in the Philippines. The other reasons include favorable climatic conditions, Highest number of FMGE passed graduates, availability of Indian food and good accommodation facilities.

Favorable Climatic Conditions

Climatic condition is the main factor that must favor the student greatly during their stay in the particular country. Most of the countries which offer medical education will have harsh environmental conditions. Countries such as Russia and other Western countries will have harsh winters. This will provide a poor experience to the students who travel to these countries to pursue their Medical degree.

Countries like the Philippines are geographically located in a position where the climate is more similar to that of India. So the climatic similarities between these two countries will make the students more comfortable and make them feel less homesick. This is one of the main advantages the country provides to the students who travel to the Philippines to study medicine. The favorable climate which is similar to that of India also creates the same disease pattern just like India. This will make it easier for the students to identify and treat the diseases after returning to India.

US Based Education Curriculum

The Philippines has a past of being a colony of the United States, this has made the entire organizational structure of the Philippines similar to that of the United States. This also has impacted the educational structure and the educational curriculum of the whole country. Most of the colleges in the Philippines will have their mode of instruction in English. The curriculum followed for the medical education in the Philippines is also based on the United States curriculum.

Most of the countries will have their own educational curriculum. Countries like Russia and China will have an educational curriculum which is entirely different from the rest of the world. This will make it really hard for the students who want to clear their FMGE. So the curriculum you study must be more similar to the curriculum of the eligibility exam you must pass. The curriculum in the Philippines assists the Indian medical students to clear their FMGE very easily.

These are the common opinions about doing MBBS in the Philippines. To know more about abroad education and MBBS spend some time in our blogs.