Getting an MBBS degree and becoming a physician is a dream for many Indian aspirants. Due to the increase in abroad education consultancies and their excellent services the student population who want to study medicine abroad has increased. Due to the high demand in medical seats the countries which offer medical education to Indian aspirants spend a lot of money to improve their infrastructure. These reasons have now made studying MBBS abroad very easy for Indian medical students. Even though studying MBBS abroad has now become easy, let us look at some of the difficulties students face while doing and after completing their MBBS abroad.

Problems while doing MBBS in abroad

Most of the students who study MBBS will face some problems while studying abroad. Let us look at some of the difficulties most Indian medical students face while doing their medical degree abroad. These are some of the common difficulties which the students face while doing their MBBS.

  • Spoken Language in the country
  • Accommodation in the country
  • Climatic factors in the country
  • Availability of Native food in the country

Spoken Language in the country.

The language spoken in the country of your medical education may affect your education directly or Indirectly. In some countries the students have to dedicate a year to learn the official language. Some countries the college will not start the medical academics until they finish learning their country’s official language.

This will further burden the students and even make them diverge from their original path. The only way to avoid this problem is to study in a country which doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time learning a new language. Countries like the Philippines have English as one of their official languages and almost everyone in the Philippines will know English. This aspect will make the students worry less about the language issues and make their day to day activities easy.

Accommodation in the Country

Accommodation is the other important thing a student needs if they are choosing to study MBBS abroad. The quality of the accommodation will not be as good as they advertise in some countries. The cost of private accommodations will be very high in some countries and the college hostel accommodation will not be up to the standards. Without a good ambience to study the students will get demotivated and will find it very difficult to reach their goal.

The only way to avoid bad accommodation is by doing proper research about the facilities and the infrastructure of your planned hostel or private rental place.

Climatic Factors in the Country

The climatic factors in the country also play a major role in the stay of the student. Some countries will have harsh climatic conditions. These climatic conditions will make the students’ life miserable and also will make them less concentrated in their education. For example countries like Russia will have a very cold winter, the day to day activities in Russia will be very hard at that time. Students find it very hard to adjust to the climatic condition. 

The student can avoid harsh climates by simply choosing a country with a less harsh climate. The Philippines is one of the few countries in the world which has a similar climate to India. The similar climatic conditions will help the students to adjust to the condition very soon. The similar climatic condition in the Philippines will also assist the students to learn the disease pattern which is similar to India.

Availability of Native Food in the Country

Without the availability of Indian food the students have to spend a lot of money on restaurants to get the food. Colleges which have a very low population of Indian students will not serve Indian cuisines. These students are pushed to a situation of eating the country’s native foods.

To avoid these circumstances the students must choose a college with a high Indian student population. The student can also check if there is any availability of Indian food in their hostel mess. Thus, availability of Indian food is also a difficulty faced by students while doing MBBS in abroad.

Difficulties After Completing MBBS in Abroad

After completing the MBBS the students have many options and career opportunities which they could study. The only difficulty a student could face after completing their MBBS abroad is clearing their FMGE exams. This FMGE is the eligibility exam conducted by the government of India to verify that the education gained by the foreign graduate is up to the mark. FMGE will ensure the quality of the physicians who are willing to work in India after completing MBBS abroad. 

FMGE might not be a difficulty you face after completing your medical degree abroad if the student completes their MBBS degree in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the few countries in the world which produces the highest FMGE passed graduates. This is because of the education curriculum in the country. The Philippines follows a US based curriculum which covers all the aspects of medical education . This is the main reason for Indian medical students who study in the Philippines to clear the FMGE easily.

After clearing your FMGE your pathway to achieving your dream will be cleared and you get your clearance to practice medicine in India. These are the difficulties the student might face if they choose a wrong university or country to study MBBS. If the student does their research these difficulties can be avoided and they can become a successful doctor.