Looking for information on how to get direct MBBS Admission? Here, Indian students can find information on medical college seats, admission procedures, eligibility and associated fees and costs to study medical course.

All students who secure more than 50% marks in Senior Secondary Examination of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) or its equivalent with physics, chemistry, and Biology can get direct admission to private medical colleges in India by paying donation or capitation fees. Due to MBBS seat demand, donation cost has increased significantly in India.

MBBS Admissions in India – An Overview

There are about 400+ colleges which provide MBBS admission in India. Out of the 400 colleges which provide MBBS admission in India around 200+ colleges are private owned colleges. Only approximately 50% of the colleges are government colleges. To get MBBS Admission In India the candidate must pass the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) examination which is conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency). The NEET exam is conducted every year to set a qualification limit for students to get MBBS admission in India. Many students faced various problems getting MBBS admission in India because of the low marks they scored in the NEET exams.


Before introducing the NEET exams by the NTA a student could get direct admission in MBBS with the help of his/her cut off marks. When this system was in place almost all the Indian students having a good cut off mark would get an direct admission in MBBS.

But on 2013 Indian Government has announced that it was mandatory to pass NEET exams to get an MBBS admission. This system has put a stop to direct admission in MBBS. About 1,18,316 seats are available for students to fill up. Every year almost about 15 lakh students apply to attend the NEET exams. About 56% of the students pass the NEET exams and wait for the counselling process. Thus it has become mandatory to pass in the entrance exams to get direct admission in MBBS via counselling process.


After the student has passed the NEET exam, the respected state counselling authority will release the state-wise NEET 2021 merit list after the completion of the registration process within the due dates. 

The merit list will be based on the NEET marks and the category of the particular student.


Category Cutoff percentile 2020 Cutoff scores 2019 Cutoff scores
General 50th 720-147 701-134
General PH 45th 146-129 133-120
SC/ST/OBC 40th 146-113 133-107
SC/ST/OBC – PH 40th 146-113 133-107

Based on the above cut off scores and the categories the merit lists are prepared and the counselling dates are announced. The students with the highest rank will be able to get direct MBBS admission in their preferred medical college in India with very low fees.

The students who couldn’t get a seat in their favorite college will have to pay more fees to get a seat in a private medical college in India. Some students who have scored good marks in NEET exam and couldn’t afford a seat in an Indian college always has the option to study MBBS in abroad. Abroad countries usually provide quality education for very low amount of fee when compared with the private medical colleges of India.


Rank College Location
1 All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi
2 Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore
3 Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune
4 JIPMER College Puducherry
5 Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMZ) Delhi
6 Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC) Delhi
7 Madras Medical College Chennai
8 Grant Medical College Mumbai
9 Kasturba Medical College Manipal
10 Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute Chennai

Total Number of MBBS Seats in India

Over 80,000 seats are filled in the process of MBBS admission in India. In these 80,000 seats only very few students get MBBS admission in India via merit basis. So clearing the NEET exam is an integral part of getting MBBS admission in India. Most students join many coaching centers to clear the NEET exams and get MBBS admission in India.

Many students who clear NEET exams with low marks struggle to pay their MBBS fees because of the high cost to study MBBS. Many children from the middle class struggle to get MBBS admission in India because of the high tuition fees. The only hope of the middle class families is to get MBBS admission in India only if they get good marks in their NEET exams. Students who couldn’t get an MBBS admission in India usually prefer abroad countries like the Philippines which is also an economical choice.

The only way for Indian students to get MBBS admission in India with less economical stress only if they get an MBBS admission in a government medical college. Government medical colleges in India have the lowest fee when compared with private colleges. Admission in private colleges exceeds above 1 crore INR per year. If you are lucky enough to get a MBBS admission in India in a private college, the budget to complete your MBBS in India would exceed more than 1 Crore. And this issue is the main cause for many Indian students to pursue their MBBS degree abroad.

Direct MBBS admission in  abroad

Abroad countries provide quality education for an average budget that a middle class Indian family could afford. Countries like the Philippines provide world class quality MBBS education at an affordable price. Students can get direct MBBS admission in one of the best medical colleges in the Philippines if they have passed the NEET exam.

Direct MBBS admission in abroad can be only given to the candidates who have completed 17 years of age. This is considered as the minimum age a candidate can apply for admission. Most of the abroad countries have set their minimum age limit to 17 years.

If the candidate have passed the NEET exam and have completed 17 years of age he is eligible to send the admission application to majority colleges. These colleges can be chosen according to your wish. There is no counselling process involved in choosing your favorite college and get direct MBBS admission in abroad.

How to choose a country for MBBS admission

If the candidate have passed the NEET exam and have completed 17 years of age he is eligible to send the admission application to majority colleges. These colleges can be chosen according to your wish. There is no counselling process involved in choosing your favorite college and get direct MBBS admission in abroad.

It is really a tough process to get direct MBBS admission in abroad. The process would be more efficient and easy if you could find a consultancy that has a tie up with your favorite college in abroad. Education consultancies boost up the admission process and will aid you in all the steps involved.

The student must check for many factors before choosing a preferred country to get direct MBBS admission.


  • Language
  • Climate
  • Education Pattern
  • Politics
  • Accommodation availability
  • Food Availability
  • Native student population
  • History of academic results
  • FMGE pass percentage


These are some of the important points that a student who wants to study MBBS in abroad should consider. Proper research must be done about these topics before trying to get admission in your favorite country.






  • University must have a good reputation in the country.
  • The University must be having its own medical center.
  • The more beds in the hospital the best exposure to medical practice.
  • The University must provide separate accommodation for boys and girls.
  • Student must be provided with real cadavers instead of fake rubber models.
  • The college must provide the students with good educational infrastructure.
  • Universities must not be present in any rural areas. Rural areas have less population which in turn will provide less medical practice and exposure.
  • Indian food availability must be ensured before joining a college.
  • University must provide you with 24*7 safety and security inside the campus.
  • If you are studying MBBS in Philippines through a consultancy make sure they have a dedicated office in the country or inside the campus.
  • The cost of living in the city where the university is present must be up to your budget.

A good consultancy will have its presence both in India and abroad. These consultancies will only have tie ups with colleges having the above criteria. So always choose a consultancy which provides end to end services to the students.

Some education consultancies will not inform you about these criteria. These consultancies will receive a huge amount of commission from the colleges for per student admission. So it is mandatory to get all the information from the respected consultancy referring to the above points before approaching them to get an admission.

If you choose a consultancy which has a dedicated office in abroad, the admission process and the quality of the services provided by them will be more and easily accessible even after post departure. Don’t choose a consultancy which does not provide end to end services.


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The University of Perpetual Help System Dalta founded in 1975 is one of the top educational universities in the Philippines. And FENCE Education Consultancy is the top recruitment partner for UPHSD, Philippines. UPHSD has provided quality medical education for over 46 years. And the major aspects which makes UPHSD the top medical college in Philippines are mentioned below.

  • High class facilities
  • Incampus hospital
  • Clinical Exposure
  • MCI/WHO recognition, and lot more

These are some of the main reasons which makes UPHSD a top class university to study MBBS in Philippines.


Can I get direct admission for MBBS ?

Direct admission in MBBS is based on the NEET UG exam. You must have 50% marks in class 12th science subjects. And qualify the NEET exam for MBBS admission.

Can I take direct admission in MBBS without NEET?

No, it is impossible to take direct admission in MBBS without NEET. Even if you want to join MBBS abroad, then qualifying for the NEET exam is mandatory.

How can I get admission in MBBS through management quota?

You must pass NEET in order to get any type of MBBS seat in India. The seats are allotted in cut off basis. A medical seat is confirmed during counselling process. 

How to get an MBBS admission?

Pass NEET exam with a good cut off mark. The seats can be locked by the student during the counselling process.

How many marks should I need to score in NEET to get MBBS admission?

The marks fluctuate every year. On an average 350 marks is enough to get a medical seat in India. Low mark student can always try to study MBBS in abroad countries.

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