The Doctor of medicine graduation ceremony 2022 was held in the University of Perpetual Help campus on 29-04-2022. More than 300+ students got their graduation certificate in this ceremony. It was really great to witness many Indian students getting their graduation certificates and fulfill their dreams on this occasion. 

FENCE Education Consultancy which is an official education partner of University of Perpetual Help DALTA for more than a decade has created over 10,000+ medical students and medical graduates. Year after year the University is proving its potential and turning Indian medical students to Doctors. 

This college has the highest number of FMGE passed graduates in the Philippines. It is clear that this college will prove its capacity and create more doctors in the future too. 

Why is UPHSD the best college?

The University of Perpetual Help is one of the best colleges in the Philippines. This is because of the top quality infrastructure and guidance provided by the management. 

The other reason for the excellent performance by the students is because of the high population of Indian medical students studying in this college. The students will not have a chance to miss their native country because of this. This factor will increase their focus on studies a lot and take their mind off other factors that may disturb them.

The infrastructure, the ambience, the care and the opportunities provided by this college to the students make this college a better one when compared with other MBBS colleges in the Philippines.

Other Positive Factors which Influence their Academics

Consultancies also play a major role in the academics of the students. A good consultancy will have their presence inside the campus of the college. This inside presence will help the students and guide them if they have any personal or official problems. An active student help desk is present inside the campus to assist the students each and every day. This is very rare in many medical study abroad consultancies. 

These are the factors which makes UPHSD a great place to complete your medical degree and return to India and become a great Physician.