Visa is considered as one of the important documents required to get into a country officially. Nowadays consultancies play a major role in getting a visa for the students. A good consultancy will have a dedicated team for visa processing. Students can’t get into the country to study with any other normal visa. A student visa is required to get into the country. In this blog let us look at the steps and the required documents needed to apply for a visa to study MBBS abroad. 

A Proper Indian Passport

A proper Indian passport is important for applying for a visa.  It would literally take like 2 days to get your passport in hand. Just register in the official government passport application portal and schedule an appointment. The important thing you need to look into while getting a passport is the expiry date. Some countries would want you to have the validity until the end of the course even at the time of applying for the student visa. Some, on the other hand, might let you apply but request you to have a validity even after the end of academics.

Bonafide or Genuineness Certificate

The student bonafide document is important if applying for a student visa. This document is required because it helps to prove that you are really admitted to a college in abroad country. Aspirants could approach an education consultancy to make this process a lot faster. To get the letter of acceptance from the college, first you might need to fill out the application form and go through some basic procedures.

Financial Lucidity Documents

It is the duty of the officials to ensure that it is affordable for the student to pay the fee and other cost of living charges. While many countries have a predefined amount of funds it would require, some have broader, more extensive guidelines. Many countries have a minimum living cost computed as per government standards. Students applying for student visas in these countries, therefore, must provide proof that the said amount is accessible with them in ready cash.

Proof of Language proficiency

The next thing and the most important thing is the student has to submit proof of language proficiency. Many countries like the UK and the US will make you take tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, and/or PTE. In countries like Germany, Russia and China it is mandatory to learn their language before letting you study medicine. So in some countries it is important for you to show these proof documents for visa approval.

 It is always advisable to look for an education consultancy which has a lot of experience at these matters. To know more about abroad medical education, spend some time on our blog pages.