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“It was difficult to become a doctor
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Globalization has changed the world and one field which gains lot of focus is education. Increasing number of students are now moving to foreign locations to pursue their higher studies from universities across the world. After post-liberalization policies in India, studying abroad is not as difficult as it used to be. There is proliferation of information, both through online and offline sources on overseas education confuse students and parents more than ever. Fence Education Consultancy Inc. helps you by providing latest information updated regularly to
provide necessary guidance on the opportunities, scope, prospects and financial rewards in any given field of study for finding the right course that suits your aptitude and career dream.

Fence Education Consultancy Services
Fence Education Consultancy Services


Fence understands the student requirement with one to one counselling and helps to get the admission from university, that make your admission process easier.

  • It assists students in completing applications and ensuring all documentation is complete for admissions.
  • Fence also coordinates with the institution admission office to ensure admission by proper follow up with the institution.


By providing counselling with expertise and
experience, we help students to consider various
financing options. These funding sources can
greatly increase your chances of finishing your
desired academic course.

  • Students, who have been admitted and offered a place in a study program at UPHSD, can pay their tuition fees directly to the university’s bank.


We help students to follow visa requirement by preparing necessary documentation for the application for the Visa and give trainings for Personal Interviews.

  • After university has extended an offer of admission to students, the next step is obtaining the Visa.
  • Visa Processing and visa interview holds the key to a student’s successful departure to a foreign university.
  • The visa team at Fence Education Consultancy is always updated with the latest requirement,
    immigration policies and visa checklists.


Fence conduct Pre-departure orientation program to brief about procedures relating to international travel and specifically focus on how you can protect your health and security abroad.

  • Fence share with students about their new destination, new culture they are going to face, about the institute they are enrolling for and also making them aware of Do’s and Don’ts while they settle themselves in totally a new environment.


On successful admission from the university & Visa stamping, the Travel and Accommodation inside the university campus will be taken care by Fence with proper guidance.

  • Fence Education Consultancy, Inc. through our partnerships with leading service providers can take care of all students travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel insurance.
  • Students will be received at airport in Philippines by Fence officials.

Indian Food

Food is the major problem students face when they stay abroad. FENCE Education Consultancy manages a facility which provides Indian cuisines with both north and south Indian variants. Special chefs from India are appointed in the Philippines to cook Indian dishes for the students. The menu is filled with nutrition and prepared with great care exclusively for Indian students.


  • Food cooked by Indian Chefs
  • North and South Indian Cuisines
Fence Education Consultancy Services

Indian Students Desk

FENCE Education Consultancy has a separate educational desk inside the campus especially for Indian students studying in the Philippines. This desk handles all the queries of the students studying medicine in Philippines. They take special care for the needs of the students and guide them in critical situations. This exclusive board is dedicated to improve the quality of living of our students and help them in their dream path.

  • 24*7 Help desk for students
  • Special guidance to Indian students

Cultural & Awards

The UPHSD, Philippines conducts several cultural programs on festivals such as Pongal and Onam, the university also celebrates Indian Independence and Republic day to boost the morale among the students. Awards are also distributed to the students who performed well in a particular event. Regular programs are conducted on Indian festival occasions to cheer the students and make them feel less homesick.

  • Cultural programs are conducted every year
  • Importance to both north and south Indian festivals

FMGE Coaching

Our Exclusive FMGE/NEXT lab helps students train and boost their scores in their qualification exams conducted by the Indian government. This lab provides quality resources and important questions based on previous year exam question papers. Our expert team will thoroughly undergo and update the resources to improve the efficiency of the process which in turn improves the score of the student.

  • Specialized FMGE coaching exclusively for Indian students
  • Regularly updated source materials by qualified team

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