Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in India. In this year 2021, NBE has conducted FMGE on 18th June 2021 and results  have been released on 30th June 2021, and Indian students who studied in the University of Perpetual Help System, Las Pinas, Philippines have made history.

 Yes, A huge number of Indian students have passed the FMGE screening test from this college alone. In this blog, we will see a lot about the FMGE screening test and about the highest pass percentage in FMGE screening test achieved by Indian students.

Which country has the highest MCI/FMGE passing percentage in 2021?

The Philippines is a hot spot to study MBBS in abroad. It is also the only country which has a high Indian medical student concentration. 

Excellent infrastructure and world class education is provided at some colleges in Philippines. Yet, many parents fear to sent their kids to study abroad.

This concern is common among the students and parents, because many countries such as Russia and China usually produce very few FMGE qualifiers.When it comes to MBBS in the Philippines, it is the only country which produced a high FMGE pass percentage in 2021.

Which college/University has the highest MCI/FMGE passing percentage in 2021

Well, we definitely have many proofs which suggest that studying MBBS in the Philippines is more successful than studying in other countries.

Yes, studying MBBS in the Philippines could help the medical students to get good marks in FMGE. But many people ask “Which college produced a high FMGE pass percentage in June-2021?”

University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, Philippines has now proved by producing the highest FMGE pass percentage in June 2021.

This year especially this perpetual medical college has produced a high FMGE pass percentage and has made many Indian students reach their dream.

Which Study MBBS Abroad consultancy produced High FMGE Pass percentage?

It is not easy to study MBBS in an abroad country. There are many practical difficulties which many ordinary middle class families face to enroll their children in abroad countries. That is where education consultancies come into play.

FENCE medical education consultancy has produced a high FMGE pass percentage in 2021. Many education consultancies just claim that they have a high FMGE pass percentage. But, look for proof in websites or social media pages, there won’t be any. 

But, FENCE education consultancy has openly posted their achievements online. This is proof that this authentic consultancy has produced a high FMGE pass percentage in the June 2021 session.

Passing FMGE is the ultimate aim for any medical student studying abroad. But choosing the best country and the college/university is equally important as choosing a good consultant. So, research more about MBBS in abroad and the best medical colleges and make a good decision.Read more about how to choose the best medical education consultancy.