The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) has attracted intelligent minds from all across the globe to experience world class education. Perpetual help system DALTA is all about creating “Academic Excellence” and “World Top Professionals”. This is the destination of choice for education, hospitality, discovery, creativity and innovation. 


  • Quality of Education Program – UPHSD is one of the best infrastructures in the Philippines which provide medical education to Indian Medical Students.
  • Highly Competent and Caring Faculty and Administrators – The faculty in this college are mostly graduates from the United States. They are highly motivational and will more or less act like a role model to the student population.
  • Modern Equipment and facilities – UPHSD spends a lot of their budget on improving their infrastructure. This helps the students to be updated with the latest information and technology in their particular fields. Been providing professional medical education for the last 45 years
  • Local and International Affiliations – The College has local and international links which helps the students to be updated
  • Convenient Locations – The college is in a convenient distance from the airport. 
  • Vibrant Social Community – The college has a vibrant community and the Philippines is known for its multicultural ambience.
  • State of the art campus – The University has 3 campuses in Las Piñas, Molino, and Calamba. UPHSD falls in the list of NMC/MCI approved medical colleges in the Philippines. Students who graduated from UPHSD scored the highest percentage on the mark sheet FMGE test in 2021.

How long Indian Students Studying in UPHSD

UPHSD is considered as one of the prestigious colleges to study MBBS in the Philippines. This college was founded in 1975. This college has provided service to Indian medical students for more than 10 years. Due to its rich infrastructure, the college lies at the top option for many Indian medical students who want to study MBBS in the Philippines.

To study MBBS at UPHSD the college has partnered up with FENCE medical education consultancy which acts as the only gateway to join or get an admission in this college. FENCE has the record of serving more than 10,000+ students to achieve their medical dreams.

UPHSD Role in Supporting Indian Students

The UPHSD is one of the trusted educational institutions in the Philippines. The UPHSD officials have direct contact with the student council. The student council acts as the voice of every student studying MBBS in the college. 

During the corona pandemic the college along with the official education partner FENCE consultancy acted as the main source of support in evacuating the students back to India. Thus the college will support the students with utmost importance.

Creating Number of Successful Doctors in India

Every student who studies MBBS abroad must go through the FMGE exam to get clearance for practicing medicine in India. UPHSD holds the record of having the highest number of FMGE passed candidates from the Philippines. 

These students are now doing their higher education and practicing medicine successfully in India. This is only possible due to the quality of infrastructure the college has provided to the students. This makes the UPHSD the best destination for studying MBBS both in educational and economical point of view.