India is one of the top countries in the world to send students to study MBBS in abroad. The reasons fall into various spectrum of problems both social and personal. Yet many middle class families take a gamble by choosing an education consultancy without doing proper research then send their kids through these education consultancies and get a bad experience. This article will help you 100% in choosing a good education consultancy which gives proper care and security to the student.

Every year more than 10,000+ students leave India to pursue their education in abroad countries like China, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. These students mostly choose abroad due to unavailability of seats in the NEET counselling or their economical factors.

Types of Education Consultancies

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Consultancy Types

The Education Consultancies can be categorized into two types mostly they are

  • Education Consultancies with local presence
  • Education Consultancies with international presence

Education Consultancies with local presence

These medical education consultancies are located within our country and they provide a very minimum amount of services like college admission processing and visa processing, after getting you the admission in abroad they will help the student to travel from the airport to the hostel or university. These are the maximum services some of the education consultancy in India can provide you. Most of the Indian based education consultancies won’t assist the student with food and accommodation services.

Education Consultancies with international presence

Only Some Indian Education consultancies are the Authorized Official Representative of Medical University abroad and have a dedicated Office located in the country you want to study your MBBS. These companies provide the student with end to end services from application processing to the safety of the students and be with them until their course duration. Some education consultancies even help the students to clear the FMGE exams by providing them with study materials and guidance.

Characteristics of a Good Education Consultancy

The first thing you must look in a medical education consultancy is, the education consultancy must have a Head/Operating office in the country a student wants to study MBBS. All the end to end needs will be fulfilled by the education consultancy only when the education consultancy has an administration office in the foreign country. This must be the default norm followed by every student who wants to study MBBS abroad. Some medical education consultancies will be partnered up with abroad Universities, these medical education consultancies will have the advantage of having special infrastructures within the college campus.


Experience is the main factor which affects the quality of a good education consultancy. If the education consultancy is brand new, it will most probably be charging you with low charges to attract more students. Problem handling skills of new consultancies will be very low when compared to the experienced and reputed consultancies.

Staff Experience

Staff experience may be an external factor, but it is also the most important factor when choosing a medical education consultancy. If the staff are inexperienced then the processing factors whether it may be application processing or visa processing may be done without any knowledge causing many problems to the student.


Reference is the most important aspect when choosing an education consultancy. There is nothing more powerful than a good reference from a beneficiary who has received the excellent service from a good medical education consultancy.

Service Provided

Most of the services provided by a medical education consultancies can be differentiated into two parts

  • Pre-Departure Services
  • Post-Departure Services
Study abroad Services

Service Provided

Pre-Departure Services

Pre-Departure services include services which are done before the students leave the country to the abroad country to study MBBS. These services include


Personal Counselling will be done explaining the features about the country they are going to study their MBBS and about the colleges available in that country.


Application forms for the college the student chooses to study their MBBS will be filled and the process will be fastened by the education consultancy officials.


Passport related problems or application of the passport will also be done by the education consultancy.

Visa Processing

Education consultancy will assist the student in the visa processing and also guide them in the visa interview process.


Travel guidance from India to the abroad country and assistance in reaching the campus or the hostel must be provided by the education consultancy.

Post-Departure Services

Post-Departure services include services that a student will require after he has reached the destined college abroad. These services include


Availability of Indian food is very rare in foreign countries. Good education consultancies will provide the student with good Indian cuisines.


Most of the good education consultancies will have accommodation facilities in foreign countries. 


Education consultancies will help the students to transfer money through Forex medium and assist them in paying their fees.

MCI/NMC Eligibility Certificate

Eligibility Certificate from the MCI (Medical Council of India)/ NMC (National Medical Council) will also be processed and full assistance will be given to the student by a good education consultancy.


Safety is considered as an important factor every education consultancy must provide the students. Good education consultancies will provide good security to the students round the clock.

If a medical education consultancy provides you with all the attributes mentioned above then congratulations you could have just founded one of the best education consultancies in India. Education consultancies having all these features will provide you with end to end services and will take care of the students in all difficulties. If the education you are willing to pursue abroad must be stress free, then spend some quality time researching about the medical education consultancy that you are going to choose.