Growth of University

Growth of the university is the main factor while choosing a college to study MBBS abroad. The university you are willing to study MBBS in abroad must have many infrastructural advantages when compared with the other option. The university must also spend a lot of its budget to improve the infrastructure and the educational quality of the university. 

It is also important that the university is chosen by the students from India. If a high number of Indian students choose the university it will be a better place to study MBBS.

Safe & Security

Safety aspects are also one of the main things to consider before joining MBBS abroad. Colleges like University of perpetual help spend a lot of money investing in security measures. Choose a college which has 24*7 security and surveillance.

The college must have strict rules when the students wish to leave the premises. Strict rules will help the students to stay safe while studying abroad.

Accommodation & food

Most of the colleges abroad will provide accommodation to the students. Food will also be provided to the students studying in their college. The students and the parents must check the condition of the accommodation facility, room sharing criteria and others. 

It is also important to check if the college provides the students with Indian food. Getting good nutrition in food is as important as the education itself.

Percentage of Indian student

If the college has a higher population of Indian students it will be a great help in the academics of the students. Native students create an ambience similar to that of India, which helps the students to concentrate more on the education.

If the population of the native students is high then the college must be a safe place to study MBBS abroad.