Students who want to study MBBS in Philippines should get student Visa from Philippine Embassy in India. Getting a direct student visa from Indian Embassy takes time, so generally students get Tourist Visa and convert them to Student Visa after they land in Philippines.

University of Perpetual Help System DALTA provides the necessary documentation to help students acquire a student visa at the earliest. It takes two months to get the tourist visa converted to a student visa. When the student enters Philippines, tourist immigration status is stamped on the passport.

Philippines student visa stamp

The difference between student visa and tourist visa can be found below. Nandhivarman has got student visa whereas Mayajothi got a tourist visa.

Tourist Visa And Student Visa Philippines

Philippines Embassy gives student visa only after completion of 18 years of age. If students travel at 17 years of age, they have to get Special Study Permit(SSP) which is valid for six months. Every six months, this SSP have to be renewed until the student crosses 18 years of age and becomes eligible for student Visa. UPHSD accepts SSP (Special Study Permit (9A)) for the enrollment MBBS in Philippines. After the student attains 18 years, SSP will be converted to Student Philippine Visa (9F). Please check out the sample SSP certificate given by Philippines Embassy Manila for the student to continue his education in Tourist Visa till he becomes eligible for student Visa.SSP Certificate issues by embassy manila philippines

After the students get the student visa, the passport is stamped to reflect the current visa status of the student along with the enrolled university. Check below the sample immigration stamp.

student visa after conversion from tourist visa

If you need any clarifications regarding visa, please contact helpline +91 88077 44400.