How to make your medical internship more useful? – This will be your guide for Medical Internship. The long and hard years of your UG are over, you have graduated and now ready to practice medicine as a medical intern. Like any other industry, an internship is the starting point of your medical career.

In India, you must complete 1 year of Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI) in order to gain your licence from the Medical Council of India (MCI). Licence is required for practicing medicine in India.

How to make your medical internship more useful?

This blog is a guide to make the most out of your internship. I hope this will provide some insights on this topic and help you in your initial steps.

1.Identify Your Objective

Yes, of course we all know our objective but, your real objective here is not about finishing your CRRI and getting your licence.

The real objective here is “the exposure”. The internship period is the only time in your medical career where you must gain a lot of exposure. The exposure you gain here is the basement for your entire career. Try learning new stuff almost every minute you spend in your internship.

Gaining exposure must be your primary objective initially as a medical intern.

2.One Step at a Time

Taking one step at a time to learn new things, is the next thing you must keep in mind. Mixing things up is not always helpful.

But identifying your priority is much more important. If you have a task in hand, split that task into simple steps and prioritise these steps. This will help you with improving your efficiency. This will make you a reliable medical intern.

3.No Room for Mistakes

Well yes, the medicine industry is the only industry where there is no room for mistakes. As an intern, there will be a lot of pressure on you. There will be a greater chance of you making a big mistake.

The only way for you to avoid mistakes is always don’t hesitate to ask for help. Always accept the suggestions from experienced people. It is always better to experience embarrassment than to make a blunder that will cost you your reputation.

4.Knowledge Sharing

Sharing the knowledge that you gain everyday with your fellow interns will help you gain more experience. You sharing your experiences and your friends sharing their experiences will help you see the depth of the medical industry.

Always try to communicate with your friends and don’t hesitate to ask them suggestions and doubts. Gaining knowledge must be your ultimate aim as a medical intern.

5.Be a Team Player

During your time as a medical intern, you will need to perform certain tasks assigned to you as a team. These are the times where you must be a team player and be supportive to others as hard as possible.

So, these are some of the basic points you must consider before joining as a medical intern. I hope these points would help you in your training and become a notable icon in your field.

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