The 75th Indian Independence day was celebrated at University of Perpetual Help System Dalta – Philippines. The University management celebrates most of the Indian festivals and special days every year. Being one of the Philippines universities with the highest Indian population, the celebration was like the same in any Indian college. Students from all the year were present in the celebration. 

Celebrations like this truly improve the morale and patriotism among the students. These celebrations will make the new students ignore their homesickness. It also will help them reduce the stress of staying in an abroad country.

Award Ceremony

The ceremony started with a short speech delivered by Dr. Gunasekar Ariyamuthu the Founder and CEO of Fence Education Consultancy. Various administrators of FENCE and University were present on this occasion for the 75th Independence day celebration. Some of the important members present on behalf of the college were Dr. Tancio and Mrs. Glory Tamayo.

The celebration had an award ceremony. Students who participated and won in several events conducted within the campus were awarded with trophies and certificates. Students who participated in various sports events like chess, volleyball, badminton and many other events. The winners and the runner ups came forward to the stage with immense joy to receive their awards.

The ceremony was followed with several skits and dance programs done by the students. All these celebrations were enjoyable and brought an Indian ambience to the auditorium. Some of the celebration pictures are shown below. This program was broadcasted live for everyone, Hope you enjoy it.

The below images are students receiving awards from Managing Director Mr. Dinesh along with Dr. Gunasekar Ariyamuthu for sports activities.

The University admirative officials Dr. Tancio and Mrs. Glory Tamayo with Dr. Gunasekar Ariamuthu awarding the students for their performance in sports activities.