To pursue MBBS in the Philippines UPHSD is one of the demanded college. Almost 1000+ Indian medical aspirants choose this college to study MBBS every year. This college has been providing its service to Indian students for more than 10 years now.


The UPHSD has one of the best hostel infrastructure for Indian students. The accommodation services are very top notch and very hospitable. The security is always present inside the premises and the student must have permission from officials to leave the hostel. Boys and girls have separate accommodation facilities. There is a 24*7 surveillance system monitoring the campus for student protection. With air conditioning facilities and surveillance to protect the students the accommodation at the UPHSD is the best.


Food is the major concern students think about when they stay abroad. FENCE Education Consultancy manages a facility which provides Indian cuisines with both north and south Indian variants. For Indian medical students special cooks are appointed.


The security is pretty tight inside the campus. The campus is under security surveillance 24*7 by security professionals. The students can only leave the campus with proper permission from the officials. To enter or leave the college Identity cards must be provided.

Help desk

FENCE Education Consultancy has a separate educational desk inside the campus especially for Indian students studying in the Philippines. This desk handles all the issues and the queries of the students studying medicine in the Philippines. They take special care for the needs of the students and guide them in critical situations. This exclusive board is dedicated to improve the quality of living of our students and help them in their dream path.