Studying MBBS abroad is a great dream for almost all medical aspirants in India. The process will be easy if you could get an in-depth knowledge about getting an education abroad. Some of the factors to consider before choosing a university abroad are.

  • Choosing right consultancy
  • Choosing best university
  • Ease of Visa Processing
  • Travel

Choosing right consultancy

Consultancies are considered as the gateways that enable students to study abroad without any difficulties. The job of a consultancy is to assist a student in every aspect of their educational period abroad. It is wise to choose a consultancy which provides end to end services to the students. 

An ideal consultancy must provide services from visa processing to FMGE exam. It is also important to choose a consultancy which has a presence in the country that you are choosing to study MBBS in.

Choosing best university

Choosing a right university is also an important factor while choosing a college to study MBBS abroad. The university you are choosing must have certain features which must be looked upon before choosing. Some of these features include:

  • Location : The location of the college you are choosing must be near all basic amenities. Some colleges are located in low population areas. These will make the students travel long distances to fulfill their basic needs.
  • High FMGE pass percentage : Even though the countries provide top quality education to the students, the FMGE pass percentage in these countries will be very less. So, try getting into a college with a high FMGE pass percentage.
  • Security : Security is everything if  you are trying to do your MBBS abroad. The college you are trying to study must have a 24*7 security. This is to protect the students at any time.
  • High population of Indian students : High population of Indian students ensure the safety of them in the country.
  • Food and accommodation : Food and accommodation is one of the main factors. Check if the college you choose serves Indian food. Availability of Indian food is an important aspect while choosing a college to study in abroad

Ease of Visa processing

Visa processing will be a very easy process if you choose the right consultancy. A good consultancy will stand by you right from applying for your visa to the visa interview process. Thus if you want to have a smooth visa process, choose a well experienced medical education consultancy.


When it comes to traveling, the country must be an easy travel destination.  Traveling within the city for necessities is also an important factor to consider when choosing a country for studying MBBS abroad.