Over the years China has become a good destination to study MBBS. Many Indian students choose China because it is in Asia and also the grandness of its education systems. Many have completed their MBBS in China and are successfully practicing medicine in India. But, what are the other factors to be considered before doing MBBS in China? I hope this blog will give you a good idea about the topic.

What is the cost of doing MBBS in China?

The medical universities in China are owned by the government itself so mostly the fees structure in China is reasonable. Let us look at the cost of doing MBBS in China at the top 5 Universities. 


Tuition Fee- Rs 3,00,000 / year

Accommodation- Rs 50,000 / year


Tuition- Rs 4,20,000 / year

Accommodation- Rs 90,000 / year


Tuition Fee- Rs 3,00,000 / year

Accommodation- Rs 88,000 / year


Tuition- Rs 2,20,000 / year

Accommodation- Rs 30,000 / year


Tuition- Rs 2,90,000 / year

Accommodation- Rs 1,62,000 / year

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in china

There may be many advantages in studying MBBS in China but let us look at the main disadvantages of doing your MBBS in China.

  1. Climate
  2. Language Barrier
  3. Low FMGE Pass Percentage
  • Climate : China is considered as the most polluted country in the world. Above that in some regions of China the climate could be really harsh.
  • Language Problem : The main Problem while doing MBBS in China is the language problem. In China almost all of the population only speak Chinese. This makes the students learn Chinese.
  • Very Low FMGE Pass Percentage : There may be a lot of students studying MBBS in China but the number of students who pass the FMGE after completing MBBS in China is very low.


MBBS in China Duration & Eligibility

The total duration of doing MBBS in China is six years. The first five years are for clinical Studies and One year of education is for the Internship program where the students will practice medicine in China. 

The only eligibility criteria to study MBBS in China is to get qualified in the NEET exams. Some Universities require you to study Chinese before getting admission at their college. 

Is China good for MBBS?

Like other countries, China also has its pros and cons. If you look at it, price wise China is one of the best options to study MBBS. But there are also many expensive colleges in china too. Some colleges in China have made it mandatory to study Chinese before getting enrolled in their educational Institution. It is up to us to look into these colleges and choose the right college to do our MBBS. 

Can Indians do MBBS in China?

Yes, Indian students can do MBBS in China. The only eligibility to study MBBS in China is to clear your NEET exams and the student must learn Chinese before joining a college. Learning Chinese is mandatory to Indian students studying MBBS in China.

Is MBBS taught in English in China?

Yes, Some colleges in China teach MBBS in English. But, if the students learn Chinese it will help them in the Internship program to interact with the patients. It is also mandatory in some colleges in China for the students to learn Chinese before enrolling in their college. Even though the academics are taught in English, the students must learn Chinese.

Are students allowed to work during their studies or not?

International students have been unable to work during their studies, and people have been unable to get a visa to work in China without at least two years of post-study work experience overseas, making it impossible for international students to transition to a working visa at the completion of their studies.

MBBS in China Scholarship

  • Jiangsu Government Scholarship–The Jiangsu Provincial Government set up the Jiangsu Government Scholarship to encourage international students to study in Jiangsu. The scholarship will cover all the cost from tuition to accommodation.
  • Hubei Provincial Scholarships– This type of scholarship is for the students who are willing to do their PhD or Masters.
  • Beijing Government Scholarship–  This scholarship offers a full or partial offer in the tuition fee. This scholarship is eligible for the students who wants to study in Beijing

Guanxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students– This scholarship funds international students from ASEAN countries who wish to study in one of Guangxi’s universities for their bachelor’s, master’s or PhD.