Students who choose to study MBBS in abroad countries can change their college or university if they face any issues with their current college/university. They can take advantage of the university transfer facility and overcome the prevailing problems faced during their ongoing course of medical studies in international universities. The transfer can be done within the country or outside the country.

Major reasons for changing a college/university

The student can transfer if the concerned country Education Ministry permits transfer of college/university when an existing medical student has the problems related to:

  • Teaching method in the university : If the teaching methodology of the college is not upto the level or not satisfactory.
  • Infrastructure : If the college provides you with low quality infrastructure and the quality is not upto standards.
  • Education quality : If the education standard of the country is not good enough or the standard is not upto the mark.
  • Credit system : If the money transaction between you and the particular college is not acceptable by any standards.
  • Personal problems : Personal problems can extend from your fellow students to your medical conditions.
  • Other reasons involve financial issues.

How To Avoid College/University Transfers

The only way to avoid this kind of university transfer is to choose the right country and the right college, above all of that the student must choose the right study MBBS abroad consultancy. To choose these factors in the right way, you need to do a lot of research before joining in the college you choose.

How To Choose The Right Country

Education Pattern:

The education pattern in the country you study must be more or less similar to that of India. This will ensure the student passes the FMGE conducted by the government of India. Allowing the students to get the medical license and practice medicine in India.

Food and Accommodation:

Food and accommodation is one of the important things to be considered as top priority. Many countries lack this facility or make you pay a huge sum of money for these expenses. Food and accommodation is considered as the basic necessity to be considered while choosing a country. Food and accommodation consumes most of your monthly budget.

Cost of Living:

Cost of living is the next biggest expense which you must cover. These expenses involve electricity bills, transportation charges and other personal expenses. This must also be looked at closely if you are planning on studying MBBS abroad. 


Weather is one of the other main non-economic factors to choose. Very cold and very hot weather is not okay. Choose a country which is more or less just like India. That way you can learn the same disease pattern as that of India.

Politics and Culture:

The country’s political ideology and culture is also very important that determines the quality of life in that country. Most of the countries which offer medical seats to Indian students have odd political ideologies and culture which will not suit Indian students. So politics and culture also plays a major role in your pursuit.