So, are you the type of person who won’t let a test stop your dreams? You have come to the right place. Here we will discuss the various paths you could take if you got low score in NEET exams.

The way people talk about NEET total marks, NEET cutoff 2020 and NEET qualifying marks 2020 must be pretty scary for a student at this age. Most people try to interpret that scoring low marks in NEET is literally the end of a student’s dream. But in reality there are a million ways to have a successful career in medicine. 

We will look at the major options a student could take if the NEET marks are low.

  • Medical Fields to Pursue With Low NEET Marks.
  • Study MBBS With Low NEET Marks.

Medical Fields to Pursue With Low NEET Marks

There are literally thousands of professions which are interrelated with the medical field. Some of these professions could make you earn a lot, just like a MBBS graduate. 

Most of these courses are interrelated with MBBS and are a branch of the medical field which must be studied in depth. Some of these courses are.

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy – It is a course where we improve the lives of patients with Sensory, Cognitive and Physical problems and help them deal with everyday life.

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology – This course involves molecular level stuff including genetic manipulation and other forward science technologies which help human beings improve their lives.

B.Tech Biomedical Engineering – Biomedical Engineering is a growing field in the engineering sector which involves merging technology with natural sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology – Microbiologists deal with microscopic organisms and help humanity with new inventions in the medical field.

Bachelor of Science in Cardiac or Cardiovascular Technology – Like in the name it is the study of Human heart and the diseases and new technologies to overcome these diseases.

Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy – Students will learn a lot about lungs and the problems related to the pulmonary system.

Bachelor in Psychology – This course will teach a lot about mental health and how to treat these mental problems and cure them.

Other options involve studying paramedical courses, nursing and allied science courses which also have a huge opportunity.

Study MBBS With Low NEET Marks

Yes, anyone can study MBBS with less NEET marks. Just qualifying the NEET exam is enough to study MBBS. 

But, it will cost a fortune to study MBBS in India with a low NEET score. This is why many Indian students migrate to foreign countries to study MBBS on a budget.

Countries like Ukraine, Bangladesh and the Philippines offer MBBS very cheaply.  The Philippines offer a great quality education for the lowest fee possible.

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