MBBS Admissions in India – An Overview

There are about 400+ colleges which provide MBBS Admissions in India. Out of the 400 colleges which provide MBBS admission in India around 200+ colleges are private owned colleges. Only approximately 50% of the colleges are government colleges. To get MBBS Admission In India the candidate must pass the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) examination which is conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency). The NEET exam is conducted every year to set a qualification limit for students to get MBBS admission in India. Many students faced various problems getting MBBS admission in India because of the low marks they scored in the NEET exams.

Total Number of MBBS Seats in India

Over 80,000 seats are filled in the process of MBBS admission in India. In these 80,000 seats only very few students get MBBS admission in India via merit basis. So clearing the NEET exam is an integral part of getting MBBS admission in India. Most students join many coaching centers to clear the NEET exams and get MBBS admission in India.

Many students who clear NEET exams with low marks struggle to pay their MBBS fees because of the high cost to study MBBS. Many children from the middle class struggle to get MBBS admission in India because of the high tuition fees. The only hope of the middle class families is to get MBBS admission in India only if they get good marks in their NEET exams. Students who couldn’t get an MBBS admission in India usually prefer abroad countries like the Philippines which is also an economical choice.

The only way for Indian students to get MBBS admission in India with less economical stress only if they get an MBBS admission in a government college. Government colleges in India have the lowest fee when compared with private colleges. Admission in private colleges exceeds above 1 crore INR per year. If you are lucky enough to get a MBBS admission in India in a private college, the budget to complete your MBBS in India would exceed more than 1 Crore and this issue is the main cause for many Indian students to pursue their MBBS degree abroad.

Percentage Of Students Eligible For MBBS Admission In India

There are many MBBS colleges in India. Karnataka is the only state which has the highest number of Medical College Seats in India. Followed by Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu has the third highest in India. Approximately, 56.5% of students pass the NEET exam out of all who appear. Only 56.5% of the students who will get MBBS admission in India or anywhere around the world. Around 1,38,000 students appeared for NEET exams at Tamil Nadu in 2020 to get MBBS admission in India. But only 48.57% students cleared the NEET exams out of the 1,38,000 students who attended the examination last year.

Counselling Process for MBBS admission in India

After getting the results the students are called for an counselling session where the students are notified about the vacant colleges throughout India. The counselling process is arranged according to the NEET ranking. The students who score the top marks in their NEET exams will get the first priority and choose the top MBBS colleges in India and get MBBS admission in India. The top MBBS colleges in India are:

Rank College Location
1 All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi
2 Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore
3 Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune
4 JIPMER College Puducherry
5 Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMZ) Delhi
6 Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC) Delhi
7 Madras Medical College Chennai
8 Grant Medical College Mumbai
9 Kasturba Medical College Manipal
10 Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute Chennai

Other options If You Couldn’t Get MBBS Admission in India

The students who could not land in a MBBS seat will go for BDS and other medical related courses. If the student still wants to study MBBS the only option for them is to study MBBS abroad. Even though they could get into a college abroad they must clear the FMGE exam to get the approval of the Indian government to practice medicine in India.

So if the NEET exam score is very low than you expect, the best thing you can do is study MBBS in other countries. The student can filter the country he wants to study MBBS according to the budget he has. Countries like the Philippines and Ukraine are cheap and best when you compare it with the other abroad countries. The Philippines are very economic and the country is also more like India. Studying MBBS in the Philippines will be a good choice if you want to study MBBS in other countries than India.

Why Indian students should study MBBS in Philippines, Top 10 Reasons

  • PEInternationally Recognised Universities: MBBS in Philippines is the best choice because it has many Internationally accredited universities.
  • MCI & WHO accreditation: Most of the MBBS colleges in Philippines are MCI & WHO recognition.
  • Language: Students can easily understand the lecture in Philippines because the mode of lecture to teach MBBS in Philippines is in English.
  • Climate: Tropical Climate in Philippines helps Indian students who study MBBS in Philippines enjoy climate similar to India.
  • Disease spectrum: Same disease pattern just like India helps Indian students to study MBBS in Philippines with more efficiency.
  • Budget: Affordable fees is the main reason many students choose to study MBBS in Philippines.
  • Cost of Living: Low cost of living will bring your budget to study MBBS in Philippines very low.
  • Culture: Most of the population in Philippines are very friendly which helps the students who study MBBS in Philippines without any involvement of racism.
  • Clinical Exposure: The college in Philippines has in campus hospital which helps the students in their curriculum.
MBBS Admissions in India

Why should Indian students study MBBS in Philippines and not in other countries

MBBS in Philippines is always the best choice when compared to any other medical colleges around the world. Students who study MBBS in Philippines enjoy various advantages when compared to other students who study MBBS in abroad. One of the main reasons for indian students to study MBBS in Philippines is the economic reason. The economy in Philippines is very similar to that of India, which helps many indian students to choose and study MBBS in Philippines. Another important reason students study MBBS in Philippines is because of the language. As we know that the Philippines was once a colony of the USA most of the people in the Philippines will know english, just like India from cab drivers to doctors will know english.

Most of the colleges who teach MBBS in Philippines are recognised by the,

  • Medical Council of India(MCI)
  • World Health Organisation(WHO)
  • Commission on Higher Education(CHED)
  • Medical Board of California(MBC)
  • United States Medical License Examination(USMLE)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research(FAIMER)

The recognition from these councils across the globe helps the students who study MBBS in Philippines get accreditation around the world, so the money you will be spending to study MBBS in Philippines will be totally worthy. Quality of education in the Philippines is upto to world standards without any doubts, we can say it is world standards because most of the students who want to study MBBS in abroad choose the Philippines because of the quality. More 10,000+ students choose to study MBBS in the Philippines over other countries only because of the quality.

Country Weather Major Language Language Of Lecture Cost Of Living Years
India 14°C – 32°C Hindi English 200$ – 275$ 5.5
China -14°C – 27°C Mandarin Mandarin 700$ – 1000$ 6
Russia -4°C – 29°C Russian Russian 813$ – 880$ 6
Ukraine 7.7°C – 24°C Ukrainian English, Ukrainian 300$ – 400$ 5.8
Philippines 21°C – 32°C Filipino English 250$ – 300$ 5.5




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Accommodation and Food in Philippines

Most of the Indian parents worry about the food and accommodations when they send their children to study MBBS in Philippines. The good news is FENCE education consultancy provides high quality accommodation services inside the campus. The accommodation services provided by the FENCE education consultancy is Hygienically monitored and regularly maintained by FENCE staff daily. The accommodations provided by FENCE is monitored by security services and security devices round the clock without any break. 

So the children studying MBBS in Philippines will not have any problem when it comes to the safety of themselves. Food is also one of the major factors which affect the quality of life of the students studying MBBS in Philippines. FENCE Education consultancy provides Indian food cooked by Indian chefs in their facility to the students studying MBBS in Philippines. The FENCE Education Consultancies chefs cook both north and south Indian foods. The mess facility maintained by the FENCE Education Consultancy is very hygienic and the food prepared is prepared with ultimate care.


Philippines is one of the largest growing educational hub in the world. The professors and the lecturers are mostly from reputed medical colleges around the world. University of Perpetual Help has appointed lecturers and professors from top colleges around the world. English is one of the governing language in the Philippines. The Philippines also follows their education curriculum based on the United States of America. Thus we can expect a western standard medical education at its best. The quality of the education can be assured if a student chooses to study MBBS in Philippines based on these criteria.


  • University must have a good reputation in the country.
  • The University must be having its own medical center.
  • The more beds in the hospital the best exposure to medical practice.
  • The University must provide separate accommodation for boys and girls.
  • Student must be provided with real cadavers instead of fake rubber models.
  • The college must provide the students with good educational infrastructure.
  • Universities must not be present in any rural areas. Rural areas have less population which in turn will provide less medical practice and exposure.
  • Indian food availability must be ensured before joining a college.
  • University must provide you with 24*7 safety and security inside the campus.
  • If you are studying MBBS in Philippines through a consultancy make sure they have a dedicated office in the country or inside the campus.
  • The cost of living in the city where the university is present must be up to your budget.

Admission Process to Study
MBBS in Philippines

FENCE education consultancy is considered as one of the leading education consultancy for MBBS admissions in philippines. The admission process to join MBBS in Philippines is not as tough as you think. If you contact FENCE education Consultancy they will take care of all the processes and provide end to end services too. Their services range from providing accommodation services to the students in a self owned facility inside the campus. FENCE education consultancy also provides healthy food including both south indian and north indian food to the students studying MBBS in Philippines. If you want your children to study MBBS in Philippines without any stress or problems, FENCE is your only best choice.

To know more about services provided by FENCE education consultancy visit https://www.fenceabroad.com/fence-education-consultancy-services/

Get 100% counselling free of cost by professional counsellor who have more than 10 years experience in education counselling industry https://www.fenceabroad.com/contact-fence-education-consultancy/

  • Step 1 : Contact FENCE Education Consultancy and fill out the admission form
  • Step 2 : Submit soft copies of Your Passport, HSC Mark Sheet to apply for Letter of Permission for Admission.
  • Step 3 : Receive the admission invitation letter from the medical university.
  • Step 4 : After admission confirmation, apply for the Philippines Visa along with all necessary documents to the FENCE Education Consultancy with an experienced visa processing team to guide you.
  • Step 5 : Appear for Personal Visa Interview at Philippines Embassy along with the invitation letter and other supporting documents for Visa Approval.
  • Step 6 : Travel to Philippines escorted by FENCE officials.


The University of Perpetual Help System Dalta founded in 1975 is one of the top educational universities in the philippines. And FENCE Education Consultancy is the top recruitment partner for UPHSD, philippines. UPHSD has provided quality medical education for over 46 years. And the major aspects which makes UPHSD the top medical college in philippines are mentioned below.

  • High class facilities
  • Incampus hospital
  • Clinical Exposure
  • MCI/WHO recognition, and lot more

These are some of the main reasons which makes UPHSD a top class university to study MBBS in Philippines.


Is studying in abroad cheap?

Yes, most of the abroad countries provide cheap education when compared with Indian private colleges. But the fees may vary according to the country you want to study MBBS in.

Which country is best for studying MBBS in abroad?

Philippines is considered one of the best country to study MBBS. The disease pattern in the Philippines is same as the disease pattern in India because of the climatic factors. This helps the Indian students studying MBBS in Philippines to learn disease pattern similar to that of India. 

Is Philippines a good country to study MBBS?

The Philippines is the best country to study MBBS. It is a fastest growing educational hub in Asia. The economy of the Philippines is also growing rapidly which makes the Philippines a best choice to study MBBS.

What is the best medical college to study MBBS in abraod?

University of perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) is considered as one of the best medical colleges in all of Philippines. It is one of the few colleges which provide quality medical infrastructure to its students. UPHSD has over 46 years of experience in the medical education industry.

Can I study MBBS in abroad without NEET?

No, NEET exam is mandatory to study MBBS in abroad. Every student who want to get an admission in a foreign country should have passed the NEET exam.

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