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MBBS in Australia is offered as both UG and PG programs. An UG – level MBBS in Australia is about 6 years while a PG – level Doctor of Medicine (MD) is 4 years long. The average fees of MBBS in Australia is [147,13,500 INR-363,22,500 INR]. If you want to pursue MBBS in Australia after 12th, you can opt for a Bachelors of Medicine (B. Med) offered by medical colleges like The University of Melbourne, Monash University, etc. Read this blog to know more about MBBS in Australia for Indian students, fees for MBBS in Australia, best medical colleges, requirements, and more!


Australia, which is famous for many things and is the 3rd most popular destination for studying abroad among international students. There are more than 1000+ medical institutes in Australia for students to pursue MBBS in Australia.

Australia offers work allowances to their international students for up to 20 hours a week. This country has 25million people with an unemployment rate as low as just 5%. The Australian government invests $200 million on scholarships for international students annually.

Is MBBS in Australia Valid?

MBBS at Australia university is considered valid by the Medical Council of India (MCI). If an Indian student chooses to come back to India and practice as a doctor then he/she can do so without MCI’s screening test. Demand for doctors has been continuously increasing for the last five years and is expected to grow more till 2028.  Australia is the highest paying country for the general practitioners offering an average annual salary of 215,000 AUD.

The healthcare industry in Australia is expected to grow to 1.9 million in 2024 in terms of employment.


In order to enroll into MBBS at top medical colleges in Australia, candidates are required to have the following criteria.

  • Students must be at least 17 years of age.
  • They must have completed higher education from a recognised board of education.
  • They must take the IELTS test and score at least 7.0.
  • Qualified UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) or UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) candidates, administered instead of an entrance exam for international students.
  • Indian students were not required to take the NEET in order to be admitted to MBBS programmes in Australia. But, now candidates must now take the NEET in order to be eligible to pursue bachelor’s level education in Australia. 
  • MBBS study in Australia requires NEET while IELTS/TOEFL are required for MBBS admission. In Australia, medical universities require 6 years of study plus a one-year internship. MCI / WHO recognises the majority of medical universities in Australia.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Australia

Universities and colleges in the Australia provide top quality education for the students who want to study MBBS in Australia. These colleges provide high quality education to the students with world class infrastructures

The Government spends a huge amount of its budget to improve the medical infrastructure. This helps the students studying MBBS to get top quality education taught by some of the best doctors in the world. Some of the Universities and Colleges to study MBBS in Australia for Indian students are mentioned below.


College Name


The University of Melbourne


The Australian National  University Medical School


Monash University


The University of Sydney


Deakin University


University of Tasmania


University of New South Wales


University of Adelaide


James Cook University of Medical School


Bond University

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Australia

Quality Hospitals for Internships

Since the Colleges and the Universities providing MBBS in Australia concentrate more on a practical approach, the hospitals affiliated to these colleges are of the highest level of infrastructure. The Hospital infrastructure is world class and all the hospitals will have some of the top doctors in the world. The hospitals in Australia provide the best healthcare to its citizens.

Globally Recognized Medical Degree

Almost all the medical colleges in the Australia are MCI approved. When you graduate studying MBBS in Australia, you are given a globally recognized medical degree. Also, the MBBS colleges in Australia is recognized by many international Organizations. Upon graduation, you become eligible to appear for any medical licensing examinations.

High Quality Education

Studying MBBS in Australia provides very high quality education. The colleges consists of teachers who are well experienced. The syllabus concentrates more on actual learning rather than theory based learning. The students face a lot less stress and are able to study in a free environment. 

Research Oriented Program

The country is not just famous for some of the best teachers and doctors, but it also attracts some of the finest researchers of the world. The possibility of doing research oriented projects while studying MBBS in UK is very high. The Australian government encourages medical research and provides a large amount as funds for the same. 

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Austalia

High Competition

MBBS in Australia has a very high level of competition. Especially students from Indian will really face many competitions to study MBBS in Australia. Students from all over the world have the dream to study MBBS in Australia. This makes the Australia a very hard destination to secure a MBBS seat.

High Budget

Studying MBBS in Australia is considered as a very high budget option to many Indian students and families. Australia is considered as one of the highest budget destinations to study MBBS in Europe. Many Indian students who wants to study MBBS in Australia reject the chances only because of the high budget in that country.

In Summary

Australia might not be an ideal destination if the student are trying to get MBBS degree on a budget. Students only choose Australia to study MBBS because it is one of the best options to study medicine. Mostly all the colleges in Australia provide great quality education. If budget is not an issue you could pursue MBBS in Australia without an Issue.


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