Getting a MBBS seat in India is considered as a great achievement for many medical aspirants. This is because of the high demand for MBBS seats within India. The demand for MBBS seats within India has grown to an enormous amount after the introduction of the NEET exam. Students who can score excellent marks in NEET exam will lock the government college seats during the counseling process. Only the students who have secured the top marks in NEET and get called early for the counseling process. These students can easily get their desired college to study MBBS.

The students who score low or average marks will only get to select private medical colleges. In India it could easily cost you crores to complete the program. The only option for these students who had scored low and average marks is to redo the NEET exam. Students can also try going abroad to complete their MBBS.

Studying MBBS abroad got more attention after many students who couldn’t get a seat in India had a chance to get medical education at an affordable cost. Knowing the demand, many countries abroad opened up their gates to Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS in their own country. Some of the countries which attracted many Indian students are the Philippines, Russia, China, and Ukraine. These countries attract a lot of Indian medical students because of the affordability and quality of education the country provides. In this blog, let us look into some of the aspects which must be noted if we want to pursue our education there.

Education Quality

The Quality of education is the main aspect any Indian medical student looks at before thinking of joining a medical college abroad. Different countries have different educational patterns. These patterns will affect the quality of the education provided in one way or the other. Each country has their own education system which is approved by their own respective governments. Countries like China and Russia will have syllabuses which are entirely different from western countries.

The Indian educational curriculum has its own standards. The Indian medical educational curriculum is more similar to the UK’s medical education curriculum. India produces the most skilled doctors in the world.

While some countries like the Philippines will have their education curriculum which is more similar to that of the United States of America. Due to its similarities with the US based curriculum, the Philippines medical education quality is superior when compared with other budget friendly countries to study MBBS abroad.

FMGE Pass Percentage

The next main thing you have to look at before choosing an abroad college is the FMGE pass percentage. The FMGE pass percentage determines the quality of a countries education. The FMGE is the exam which any Indian medical student who has completed their MBBS abroad must pass. Indian medical students will only be able to practice medicine in India if they pass the FMGE exam. 

Many students who study MBBS in abroad countries find it very difficult to clear their FMGE. This is because of the education curriculum in the respective countries. FMGE is not required for students who have completed their medical degree in India.

Countries like China, Russia and Ukraine might attract a lot of students for them to pursue MBBS in their country. But, the FMGE pass percentage for these countries are very low. Many students who complete their medical degree in these countries will find it hard to clear their FMGE’s. Some students even have to rely on extra FMGE coaching from other private organizations to clear the exam.

The Philippines is one of the few countries which produces a high amount of FMGE passed graduates in the world. Most of the students who study MBBS in the Philippines will clear the FMGE’s without any help from FMGE coaching centers. This is because most of the questions asked in the FMGE exams will be from the MBBS(MD) syllabus in the Philippines. This makes the Philippines a good destination to study MBBS.

Climate comparison.

India will of course provide the best climatic conditions for the students. But if the students wish to pursue their MBBS in abroad, then the climatic conditions will also be a primary factor which must be considered before joining.

The climate conditions will also affect the mentality of the students who want to pursue their medical degree abroad. Western countries are usually cold and Indian students who want to pursue their degree in those countries will find it hard to adjust to these conditions. Russia and Ukraine might have good educational infrastructures, but the climatic conditions in these countries will be far more harsh when compared with other countries. The winter season in these countries will be brutal and the students will find it very hard to complete their every day tasks due to these harsh conditions.

Countries which are more or less have the same climatic conditions just like India will be a better option for Indian medical students. So countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh and Nepal will more or less have the same climatic conditions like India. These conditions will help the students to adjust to these particular conditions. Which in turn will make them more comfortable and concentrate on their studies a lot more.


Without any doubt the students who study in India will get to have the best accommodation facilities. Most of the students who study MBBS in the Philippines will get to their homes every day. Students who are willing to study MBBS in abroad countries have to find a good accommodation which could provide them with a peaceful ambience to study everyday. Most of the colleges abroad will provide the students with accommodation facilities. But it is up to the students to research about the accommodation facility provided before joining. When it comes to accommodation almost all the countries will have its pros and cons.

These are some of the comparisons between countries based on MBBS education. The students can choose any country based on the budget and other factors. It is very important for the students to research a lot about these countries and clear any doubts regarding your pursuit. To know more about medical education abroad, spend some time on our blog pages.