When it comes to affordable education for MBBS aspirants both the Philippines and Kyrgyzstan are considered as competitors. Kyrgyzstan is an Islamic dominant country while the Philippines is an Christian dominant country. It is considered as a developing country and the infrastructure in the country is nor very well-developed. The Philippines was a colony of the USA thus it has a good infrastructure when compared with Kyrgyzstan. Yet both provide affordable medical education to the students.

In this article, let us consider some of the aspects and compare them for differences. Thus, the students who want to study MBBS in any of these countries would have a good clarity on comparison and aid them in the research for studying MBBS abroad. Let us see the main differences of MBBS in Philippines and MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 

Differences of MBBS in Philippines vs Kyrgyzstan

  • Quality of Education
  • Climate
  • Value for Money
  • Curriculum

Quality of Education

Education quality in a particular country is very important to consider before coming to a conclusion. Both Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines provide affordable education, thus it is an attractive destination for most of the rich and middle class students of India to study MBBS. But let us discuss the difference between these two countries.

  • Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan is a developing country in the asian continent. The government infrastructures are under development in this country. Most of the medical colleges in these countries are considered new. 

Many colleges are present in the outskirts of the country and the clinical exposures are very low in this country. Most of these colleges use dummies instead of real cadavers to teach anatomy. This is really a lag when we consider gaining true knowledge.

  • Philippines: Philippines is developing both in economy and infrastructure at a fast phase. The Philippines was once a colony of the USA. Most of the country’s population speak English, The educational medium is also English. 

Most of the colleges in the country are top reputed medical colleges and are recognized by medical agencies across the globe. Almost all of the colleges use real cadavers to teach their students about anatomy and most of the teachers speak English so the knowledge is transferred very efficiently.


A good climate will improve your quality of living in a foreign country. When a country is too cold or too hot the students will face many tough scenarios trying to adjust to the country’s weather, this will lead to lack of motivation psychologically and cause a decline in the academic performances.

  • Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan has one of the coldest winters in the world. The temperature may reach below 0C and in summer, it could reach upto 30C. This irregularity in the temperature might cause discomfort to the students pursuing their MBBS in these countries. 

The climate differs from India to a greater extent which causes students to study a different disease pattern when compared with India.

  • Philippines: Philippines is located in a position geographically that matches the climatic factor which is the same as in India. Thus, the students will automatically adjust with the country’s temperature.

The disease pattern will also match with that of India because both the countries share the same average temperature.

Value for Money

Both the countries provide education for the same fees. Indians always prefer the service which provides a good value for their money. So let us see which country could provide you with a good value for the money you spend for education.

  • Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan is a developing country and most of the colleges will be underdeveloped and will have a poor infrastructure. Only very few colleges which have experience in MBBS education for over more than a decade could provide you with a quality education. Most of the students are not fluent in English.

So proper research on the college and its infrastructure is very important.

  • Philippines: Philippines is one of the growing economies in asia. Many colleges in  the Philippines have a good reputation among the global community. 

The medium of lecture will be in English language thus the students will easily understand the subjects and get good education


The curriculum in which the students learn the MBBS is also an important factor while comparing two different countries.

  • Kyrgyzstan: The country has their own medical curriculum. Thus many students struggle to pass the FMGE exam after completing their studies in Kyrgyzstan. So students need to work hard to prepare for their eligibility exam after completing MBBS.
  • Philippines: Philippines follow the USA curriculum, Thus the education standards will also be equal to the American quality. The Philippines has the highest FMGE pass percentage when compared with other foreign countries in the world.

Whatever the country the student chooses, proper research must be done before committing to a college without analysing the facts. There are good and world class colleges in both the countries. Students must gain clarity in all the aspects and then choose a particular college and the country in which they want to study MBBS in abroad countries.