Overview of Russia

Russia is the largest country on earth by area and one of the powerful superpowers that most of the world countries fear. Russia has a huge population of an ethnic group called slavs which we call now as the Russians. The average temperature in Russia ranges from -8°C to 18°C, This makes Russia predominantly a cold country. Russian winter would last more than 6 months sometimes. There is a huge population of Indian students studying MBBS in Russia. 

Important history to know about Russia before plans to study MBBS in Russia

Russia is the largest country on earth by area and one of the powerful superpowers that most of the world countries fear. Russia has a huge population of an ethnic group called Slavs which we call now as the Russians. The average temperature in Russia ranges from -8°C to 19°C, This makes Russia predominantly a cold country. Russian winter would last more than 6 months sometimes.

Russia was once a part of the Soviet Union. In 1991, the Soviet hammer and sickle flag lowered for the last time over the Kremlin. Russian tricolor replaced the old flag. Mikhail Gorbachev resigned his post as president of the Soviet Union, leaving Boris Yeltsin as president of the newly independent Russian state.

Russia might have it communist roots but it now serves as a democratic country. Russia is one of the superpowers in the world. Education wise Russia has some of the best colleges in the world and a good number of students study MBBS in Russia. But there still lies many disadvantages that many consultancies ignore to address and reduce to tell you in order to feed their greediness for money.

List of MCI Approved Medical Universities in Russia

The list of Russian medical universities and medical colleges approved / recognized by the MCI and Ministry of Health care of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation as follows:

Serial No. Name of University/Institution
1 Altai State Medical University
2 Astrakhan State Medical University
3 Bashkir State Medical University
4 Belgorod State National Research University
5 Chechen State University
6 Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov
7 Crimean Federal University named after V. I. Vernadsky
8 Dagestan State Medical University
9 Far Eastern Federal University
10 Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
11 Irkutsk State Medical University
12 Ivanovo State Medical Academy
13 Izhevsk State Medical Academy
14 Kabardino-Balkarian State University
15 Kazan Federal (Volga) University
16 Kazan State Medical University
17 Kemerovo State Medical Academy
18 Kuban State Medical University
19 Kursk State Medical University
20 Mari State University
21 National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University
22 National Research Nuclear University “MIFI”
23 North Ossetian State Medical Academy
24 North-Eastern Federal University named after MK Ammosov
25 Northern State Medical University
26 Novosibirsk National Research State University
27 Omsk State Medical University
28 Orel State University
29 Orenburg State Medical University
30 Pacific State Medical University
31 Penza State University
32 Perm State Medical University named after E. A. Vagner
33 Privolzhsky Research Medical University
34 Pskov State University
35 Rostov State Medical University
36 Russian National Research Medical University named after N I Pirogov
37 Russian Peoples’s Friendship University
38 Ryazan State Medical University named after I P Pavlov
39 Saratov State Medical University
40 Siberian State Medical University
41 Smolensk State Medical University
42 St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy
43 Stavropol State Medical University
44 Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin
45 The First Moscow State Medical University named after Sechenov
46 The First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University named after Pavlov
47 Tula State University
48 Tver State Medical University
49 Tyumen State Medical University
50 Ulyanovsk State University
51 Ural State Medical University
52 Volgograd State Medical University
53 Voronezh State Medical University named after N N Burdenko
54 Yaroslavl State Medical University

Benefits of MBBS in Russia For Indian Students

  • No donations will be collected from the students to get a MBBS seat in Russia
  • The admission procedure is not very hard, Most of the consultancy will provide full assistance in the admission process
  • The fee is very reasonable when compared with other European countries.
  • The degree provided will be recognised worldwide. World class Universities are available for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Most of the colleges provide accommodation facilities in European standards
  • Colleges having a large amount of Indian Population will have a Indian canteen present in the campus
  • High FMGE pass percentage in all of European countries
  • Easy Visa Processing will be done if you go through the right education consultancy
  • Indian student population is very high. This helps the students to feel more safe and concentrate on their studies well.

We did research with the help of some Indian students who are currently studying MBBS in Russia. Some of the facts written above are mostly conveyed by them to us. But the main part we should mention is that not all the colleges in Russia will provide the students with all the facilities mentioned above. Only a few colleges which are in the top of the ranking lists will provide high quality education combined with a good educational infrastructure. Some students who did their MBBS in Russia were not very happy to share their experience with them. The negative aspects must also be considered before joining MBBS in Russia.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia is one of the popular choices for most of the Indian students who want to pursue their MBBS dream in a foreign country. Russia is one of the countries having an above average population of Indian students studying MBBS. Some of the Russian universities ranking within the top 100 universities in the world. MBBS in Russia is also very economical when compared to most of the western countries. The population of graduates attending the FMGE exam conducted by the Indian government are mostly students who did their MBBS in Russia.

Universities Ranking

Most of the Universities rank within the top 100 positions in the world’s top medical colleges. Most of the colleges in Russia are recognised by the top medical councils around the world. Most of the universities are recognised by WHO & Medical Council of leading countries like the U.S.A, U.K, Middle East, Australia, India, Canada, etc. Students pursuing their MBBS in Russia don’t have to worry about the quality of the education if they get seats in reputed colleges.

Cost of Studying

Russian government put a subsidy of approximately 70% for the MBBS courses. Though the cost for studying MBBS in Russia may vary according to the college you choose, the average fees for studying MBBS in Russia on a whole will be very average when compared with western countries. This is one of the reasons why many Indian students study MBBS in Russia.

FMGE Pass Percentage

Students who graduated by studying MBBS in Russia show a very nice performance in the FMGE exams conducted in India. Russian graduated students have a good pass percentage in the FMGE when compared to other European countries.


Students Testimonials

Dr. Concelia Gladsey

2020 Graduate


Batch 2016-2020
FMGE – Screening TEST Passed


Batch 2016-2020
FMGE – Screening TEST Passed


Batch 2016-2020
FMGE – Screening TEST Passed


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  • Climate
  • Course Language
  • Language of Communication
  • Course Duration
  • Culture
  • Lack of Information

Untold Climate of Russia for MBBS in abroad students

Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world. Some parts of Russia are considered as the harshest places to live on earth. Indian students studying MBBS in Russia experience very cold temperatures in Russia. The average temperature in Russia is about (-8C to 18C). The agents might ignore to tell you these factors, some even inform you that our body will easily set to those conditions. Students will mostly face many hardships studying MBBS in Russia physically before setting to those temperatures and concentrating on their studies.

Course Language in Russia

Most of the Indian students studying MBBS in Russia know English, they depend on the English language to study any courses abroad. In Russia, predominantly almost all the colleges use Russian as a medium of lecture and education. Some colleges provide MBBS in Russia in both Russian and English but the defect in this model is that only 3 years of the course is taught in English remaining 3 years are taught in Russian. Very few colleges offer students with a full English course. So it becomes mandatory to learn Russian to study MBBS in Russia.

Language of Communication in Russia

Most of the Russian population are not bilingual so they only speak Russian for communication. During the clinical practice period in their academic curriculum the students must be able to communicate with the patients in order to understand the illness and the patient’s history.So without learning Russian it is really hard to practice MBBS in Russia. Even if a student gets admission in an english medium college he needs to know russian for his clinical practice.

Course Duration in Russia

If the students by luck find a college to study MBBS in Russia which provides a full English course then the duration of study is just 6 years. In other mediums of courses it is mandatory to study russian first and then the student is allowed to proceed to the main course. So the course length would be 6.8 years.

Racism in Russia

Like the rest of the world’s population Russians are most friendly and will not bother us unless bothered. Before a few years there were racial related attacks on Indian students studying MBBS in Russia, but after these incidents the local police had taken severe actions against the criminals which caused these crimes to reduce. Click on the link to know more about the Racial attacks in Russia. Yet many Indian families are still worried about sending their children to study MBBS in Russia.

Lack of Information

Most of the consultants refuse to give quality information about MBBS in Russia and the disadvantages this is because some colleges with these disadvantages pay more commission to Indian consultancies. Proper research must be done before studying MBBS in Russia.


There are many good institutions which teach quality MBBS in Russia but these factors which are mentioned above must also be considered while choosing a college in Russia. Commissions from big institutions play a major role in consultancies from hiding these sensitive informations from their clients. 

So it may be any country in the world that you want to study MBBS, a proper research must be done before approaching a consultant.

It might be MBBS in Russia or any other country in the world. The important thing to remember is that the students and the parents must do a combined research on the country they are planning to invest their money for education purposes. 


Are The Medical Degrees From Russian Universities Recognized?

Any Indian student intending to study MBBS in any medical college anywhere abroad for a graduate medical course has to obtain an eligibility certificate from the MCI, New Delhi before joining the medical college abroad.

Can I do PG in India after completing MD In Russia?

After passing MCI screening test(FMGE), you can appear for NEET PG exam which will help you to secure PG Seat in India. From 2022 onwards, FMGE as well as NEET PG exam is clubbed together. After completing medical degree abroad, Indian student needs to pass National Exit Test which acts as Medical License exam not just for students who study abroad but for students who studied MBBS in Indian Medical Colleges as well.

Who Is Considered To Be An International Student?

Anyone who is not a citizen or a permanent resident of Russian Federation is categorized as an international student for entry into the University.

How Much Are The Living Expenses In Russia?

Generally a student can stay quite comfortably in around INR 11,000 – INR 16,000 per month. This figure is approximate and would differ from city to city, person to person based on his / her living standards.

Do Student Have To Give Any Entrance Examination For Joining The University In Russia?

Not at all. The students need not appear for any entrance examination. The admissions are based on the 12th standard marks for Graduate courses and as per the equivalency of the Indian graduate degree with the Russian degrees for the post graduate courses.

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