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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is commonly known as the UK (United Kingdom). The north east part of Ireland and the Island of Great Britain combined is called the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean with North sea to the east, English channel to the south and Celtic sea to the south west.

The UK is one of the European countries with world class education infrastructure and top notch Universities in the world. The medical infrastructure of the United Kingdom is considered as one of the best infrastructures in the world. We will discuss more about how to study MBBS in UK and the pros and cons of studying in the country further in this article.

Top Medical Colleges of UK

Universities and colleges in the UK provide top quality education for the students who want to study MBBS in UK. These colleges provide high quality education to the students with world class infrastructures.

The Government spends a huge amount of its budget to improve the medical infrastructure. This helps the students studying MBBS to get top quality education taught by some of the best doctors in the world. Some of the Universities and Colleges to study MBBS in UK for Indian students are mentioned below.

  • University of Aberdeen
  • Aston University
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bristol
  • Cardiff University
  • University of Dundee
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Glasgow
  • Hull York Medical School
  • Keele University
  • King’s College London
  • University of Leicester
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Nottingham
  • Plymouth University
  • Queen Mary, University of London
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Southampton
  • University of St Andrews
  • St George’s, University of London
  • University of Warwick

Advantages of Studying MBBS in UK

Hands on Learning

Practicing what you learn fulfills the primary objective of the particular subject or topic you are learning.Indian students can directly interact with the patients because there is no need for learning a new language.Most of the Colleges and Universities. This structure of education makes the student face any kind of medical related situation easy after completing their MBBS in UK. This is one of the main reasons why you should opt for MBBS in UK.

Quality Hospitals for Internships

Since the Colleges and the Universities providing MBBS in UK concentrate more on a practical approach, the hospitals affiliated to these colleges are of the highest standards.The Hospital infrastructure is world class and all the hospitals will have some of the top doctors in the world. The hospitals in UK provide the best healthcare to its citizens. Doing your internship while studying MBBS in UK will be totally worth it.

Globally Recognized Medical Degree

Almost all the medical colleges in the UK are MCI approved. When you graduate after studying MBBS in UK, you are given a globally recognized medical degree that will take you far. Also, the MBBS colleges in UK are recognized by many international bodies such as World Health Organization. Upon graduation, you become eligible to appear for any medical licensing examinations.

High Quality Education

Studying MBBS in UK provides very high quality education. The colleges are staffed with globally acclaimed teachers who are specially trained to deal with international students. The syllabus concentrates more on actual learning rather than rote learning. The students face a lot less stress and are able to study in a freer environment. Students studying MBBS in UK are more likely to succeed than students graduating from any other country.

Research Oriented Program

The country is not just famous for some of the best teachers and doctors, but it also attracts some of the finest researchers of the world. The possibility of doing research oriented projects while studying MBBS in UK is very high. The UK government encourages medical research and provides a large amount as funds for the same. Some of the latest ground breaking discoveries have been from the UK.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in UK

High Competition

MBBS in UK has a very high level of competition. Especially students from Indian will really face many competitions to study MBBS in UK. Students from all over the world have the dream to study MBBS in UK. This makes the UK a very hard destination to secure a MBBS seat.

High Budget

Studying MBBS in UK is considered as a very high budget option to many Indian students and families. UK is considered as one of the highest budget destinations to study MBBS in Europe. Many Indian students who wants to study MBBS in UK reject the chances only because of the high budget in that country.

MBBS in UK Duration

Duration of the course is 5 years. First two years – Non-clinical subjects and next two years, clinical subjects and training. Students with all eligibility requirements but failed to pass in language proficiency can join a one year pre-medical course. After completion of the course, if they earn a minimum of 75% marks, they can join the MBBS in UK, an international degree.

UKCAT- Entrance Exam

Every Country has a Common Medical Admission Test as a part of the admission process.  In the UK it is called, UK clinical aptitude test UKCAT.  It is a major part of the selection process to admit medical students in a majority of medical schools and Universities across the UK.  Even for admission of students in dental school in some universities it is applicable.


UKCAT is an online test which comprises different devaluation techniques to shortlist the right candidate for the medical courses. The four tests include,


  • Verbal reasoning test which evaluates the ability of the candidate to think logically and arrive at the session reasonably.
  • Abstract reasoning tests assess the ability of the candidate retrospective convergent and divergent thinking on relationships.
  • Quantitative reasoning tests SSB ability of the candidate in solving the numerical problems.
  • Decision analysis – Evaluate the ability of the candidate to deal with various judgment relationships and come up with an appropriate reasonable response.


Apart from these four tests, that is another evaluation method called Situational Judgment.  It involves assessing your responses in different situations, how well you grasp the medical ethics etc.


Students Testimonials

Dr. Concelia Gladsey

2020 Graduate


Batch 2016-2020
FMGE – Screening TEST Passed


Batch 2016-2020
FMGE – Screening TEST Passed


Batch 2016-2020
FMGE – Screening TEST Passed


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The University of Perpetual Help System Dalta founded in 1975 is one of the top educational universities in the Philippines. And FENCE Education Consultancy is the top recruitment partner for UPHSD, Philippines. UPHSD has provided quality medical education for over 46 years. And the major aspects which makes UPHSD the top medical college in Philippines are mentioned below.

  • High class facilities
  • In campus hospital
  • Clinical Exposure
  • MCI/WHO recognition and lot more

These are some of the main reasons which makes UPHSD a top class university to study MBBS in Philippines.


Is MBBS in Bangladesh a good Idea?

MBBS in Bangladesh is considered as an excellent choice when it comes to studying MBBS in a budget friendly country. Bangladesh is becoming a preferred country for many Indian students to study MBBS.

Is MBBS in Bangladesh Cheap?

Bangladesh is a growing country when compared with India. Economy wise things in Bangladesh will cost Indians much less. Thus Bangladesh becomes a budget friendly country to study MBBS.

Which Country is best, Philippines or Bangladesh?

When we compare it between these two countries the Philippines excel in almost all aspects including climatic factors, quality of education and value for money.

Is MBBS in Bangladesh Valid in India?

If the student gets a seat in MCI approved medical college in Bangladesh and after graduation, if the student clears FMGE in India, the degree is 100% valid in our country. The student can also Study PG in India if they prefer.

Is MBBS in Bangladesh cheaper than India?

If we compare between Indian government medical colleges and colleges in Bangladesh, India is considered cheap. But when compared with Indian private medical colleges Bangladesh is a lot cheaper.

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