NEETis considered as one of the hardest entrance exams in India. More than 15 Lakh students attend the NEET exam each year. Only a few percent of the students will clear the NEET exam and Only the top 76,928 students will get a seat in government medical colleges. Rest of the eligible students will have to pay a huge amount of money and register their seat in private medical colleges in India. Some students even choose to travel abroad to study medicine in countries like the Philippines which provide world class education with the lowest cost.

In this blog, let us look at some of the tips that can be used to assist your NEET preparation when you are on a deadline. I hope these tips will help you in your NEET preparation.

Hourly Timetable

Planning a timetable is the most important thing a student could do while preparing for the NEET exam. A normal time table will be focusing on what you have to do throughout a day. If you could make an hourly time table and focus on a specific topic you have to go through, then every hour can be used with great efficiency. 

While creating an Hourly timetable do not forget to include short breaks. Constant short breaks are very important for your mind. These breaks will help relieve stress and make our brain work a lot faster. 

Focus on Known Portions

Portions which are already completed must be the top priority if you want to prepare for NEET on a deadline. It is really difficult to cover new topics when you are on a deadline. The best thing you can do is revise the portions you covered. This will make you very strong in those particular topics and will help you score sure marks in those topics.

Learning new portions will only make things harder by putting in a lot of stress on the students mind. Sometimes working smart will pay you more than working hard. Thus the students must trust the knowledge they gained in the earlier sessions of their study campaign and make use of that and score the desired marks.

Overcome Distractions

Distractions are the main thing any student who wants to prepare for NEET must avoid at any cost. Not taking enough breaks during your study sessions are the main reason for major distractions. If your timetable has frequent and recurring breaks these distractions can be avoided. 

During these breaks the students can do activities that do not exhaust them or engage them for a long period of time. By doing these things the student can overcome distractions and score great marks in the NEET exam.

Going Through the Syllabus

Getting familiarized with the syllabus is also important. If the student knows the syllabus byheart they have already cleared NEET 50%. Knowing the syllabus will make the student have a greater knowledge about the things they have to cover in the particular period of time. 

Revisions will be a lot easier if the student knows the syllabus more. These are some of the steps you can take to do last minute NEET preparations with great efficiency.