NMC has finally given good news to the students who returned from Ukraine due to war circumstances.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has agreed to recognize the academic mobility program offered by Ukraine. This program allows students to complete the rest of the medical degree in any country. After completing the degree the students will be awarded a degree from their parent Ukrainian university.

A public notice issued by NMC on Tuesday said “The mobility program offered by Ukraine has been considered in the Commission in consultation with the Ministry of External Affairs, wherein it was intimated that the academic mobility program is a temporary relocation to other universities in different countries globally”.

The NMC has also said in their statement that this program is only a temporary relocation to other countries globally. 

Now students can choose the best universities around and continue their academic pursuits. This is truly a great opportunity made by the NMC for Indian students to explore many top universities in many countries.

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