Preparing for NEET could be pretty stressful. On an average about 16 Lakh Indian students attend the NEET exams every year. Many students commit to attend NEET coaching every year spending lakhs to get eligible marks in their exams. Most of the tips we get online are only based on academics. I hope this blog will help you with some non-academic tips and will help you in maintaining a healthy mindset to attend the NEET with confidence.

Positive Thinking

Every action in our life needs a positive thinking mixed with it. Negative thinking will not get us anywhere. Having negative thoughts about your NEET exam will always end up in a negative way. This is why having a positive thinking attitude is very important.

There is a saying that says “ We attract what we think”. If we wish that only good things will happen to us and do the necessary actions required to obtain the wish, you will achieve your wish. Human minds are more powerful the things we think will reflect in our subconscious mind. Having a positive thinking that you could clear NEET with great marks and secure a government college seat will surely make it happen.

Physical Exercise

A healthy body will lead to a healthy mindset. The effectiveness of your mind will be increased according to your physical fitness. A person requires a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise everyday to stay healthy.

You may ask, what is the link between physical fitness and NEET exams? The answer to this is, Physical fitness not only improves our health. Physical exercise develops certain attributes in our day to day life. Attributes such as consistency and discipline, with consistency and discipline the student will be able to follow the game plan for the NEET exam with ease. It is also important to avoid heavy exercises, activities such as stretching, jogging, cycling or other outdoor game activities will do you good. Heavy exercises such as lifting weights could wear you out and is not a good idea.

Study Breaks

Studying for the NEET exam could range from 6 to 8 hours per day. Students often wear out and get tired after these long study sessions. Students often study longer when they are closer to the NEET exams. These long study sessions are not good for the students. These long study sessions could stress the students and will surely make them underperform in their exams. 

In order to avoid these things there must be regular breaks in between your study session. For every 30 minutes of study session there must be at least 5 to 10 minutes of break. These breaks will reduce the stress and improve the effectiveness of the memory. 

During your short breaks do not get distracted and at any cost avoid any distracting activities during this period. Watching television and scrolling your mobile screens will not be a good example for short breaks. These activities will distract you from your goal and will delay your progress of completing the objective. Instead, during these short breaks try listening to some good music or go for a short walk. This will help you relax your mind and increase your productivity.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is related to both the mind and the body. The healthier the diet is, the healthier you will be. A balanced diet will help you with good metabolism which in turn will make you feel active. An active body will help you do your tasks more effectively. A balanced diet is a basic requirement for every human being. 

Eating heavy and having a diet which consists of junk food will put a heavy load on your body’s metabolism activities. Rejecting these kinds of diets is also a part of improving your preparation for your NEET exams. Instead of eating processed oily and fatty junk food you could replace them with lentils and unprocessed natural foods. Reducing the meat consumption to minimum will also aid in improved metabolism.

Spending Quality Time With Family

Preparing for NEET is very hard and will surely put a human mind to the test. There will be many sleepless nights and many sacrifices the student has to make in order to achieve their goals. This might cause emotional instability, the only way to have a peaceful mind after the end of a tough day is to spend some time with your family. 

The time that you spend with your family and well wishers will reduce your stress and bring up a good mood. This way you could focus on your NEET a lot more peacefully.

I hope this blog will help you with some insight about non academic tips for the NEET exam. Stay focused and all the best for your exam.