Perpetual Medical College, Philippines is a 46 year old educational institution which provides world class medical education to the students. This private education facility has run all these years holding firmly to their motto which says “Character Building is Nation Building”.

The organisation has over 18,500 students doing their academics and about 1500 staff working currently. This data is a combination of all the campuses the organisation owns.

This Perpetual Medical College (UPHSD)  is the only organization in the Philippines which has a huge number of global student population studying medicine. If a student from India wishes to study MBBS in the Philippines this college will be an option in their list.

This college has a high population of Indian medical students pursuing their MBBS. Indian student have their own accommodation and infrastructures.

One of the main advantages of studying in perpetual medical college is, the college is situated in the heart of the capital city Las Piñas, Philippines. This city is highly urbanized with a total population of  500,000 people.


There are three main campuses.

  • Las Piñas campus – Has a population of 12,000 students. About 1500 teaching and non-teaching staff. This campus offers a total of 70 UG programs and 10 PG programs.
  • Molino campus – Inaugurated in 1995 has over a student population of 4000.
  • Calamba campus – Inaugurated in 1996 has about 7500 students studying.

Medical Program

Medical program offered by the college is world class. From using real cadavers to providing a US based curriculum, this college ranks at the top in quality of medical education. 1000+ Indian students have enrolled over the years in this college.

Many Indian students have graduated and are now practicing medicine in India after completing their FMGE.

Anatomy Laboratory: Anatomy laboratory provides real cadavers to the students, which is not available in most of the colleges abroad.

Virtual Laboratory: The virtual laboratory provides the students with a clear view of the anatomy digitally. There are about 2 virtual labs inside the campus.

Clinical Clerkship: The college has a huge on campus hospital, this helps the students to get hands-on clinical training within the campus.

These are some of the features of the medical program of this university. These highlights attract many Indian medical students to study MBBS in UPHSD.


UPHSD management invested a lot of its experience and care in improving the infrastructure of the college campus. A good infrastructure is the key to a good knowledge transfer.

Classrooms: All the classrooms are modernized and air conditioned. All the class rooms have CCTV cameras. AV facilities are available in every classrooms.

Library: The campus has about 3 major libraries which provide all the medical resources required for the students. 

To know more about the infrastructure and in depth view about this college read more about the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta. I hope this blog must have provided some basic view on the college. Spend some time on our blog pages to know more about abroad medical education.