To us common people medical terminology could look difficult to read and pronounce. But, have you ever heard or seen medical terminologies, which are so hard that even professionals in the medical industry have to try hard to read? let us see what are Rare, Tough and Long Medical Words in the medical terminology?

This blog is totally dedicated to the rare, toughest and longest medical terminologies. These words are arranged from the shortest to the longest in order.

What are Rare, Tough and Long Medical Words?


Nose picking, when it becomes an obsessive-compulsive disorder then it is termed as  Rhinotillexomania. So you should need medical supervision, because this habit could lead to other complications such as communicable diseases.


It is a kind of a phobia where the person with this disorder fears that the peanut butter they are consuming could get stuck on the roof of your mouth. This particular phobia could be caused by some trauma due to peanut allergy.


This particular word belongs to a surgery procedure used to treat severe snoring. This surgery involves removing extra tissues in the upper airway.


This term is used to refer to a condition which involves in male infertility. This condition is treated if diagnosis are done earlier.


This is a type of test used to examine the parts of the oesophagus, stomach and small intestine.This test is usually used to investigate persistent stomach aches, vomiting and other GI related issues.


This is a genetic disorder where the person’s physical appearance will differ from a normal human being. Some people with this disorder even have learning disabilities. This team is shortly abbreviated as PPHP.


This is also a term used to define a phobia where the person is afraid of reading long words, just like the words in this blog.They experience stress and anxiety when trying to read long words.


This is a certain drug used to treat mild inflammations and has antipyretic properties. This drug is commonly used for rheumatism, neuritis and common cold.


This term is used to define a surgical creation of a connection between the gallbladder and a hepatic duct and between the intestine.


This is a lung disease which is caused due to inhaling very fine particles of sand dust and ash. This is the longest word in the list, good luck pronouncing it.

Well, these are the longest medical terminologies. I hope you have gained some knowledge from this blog. Share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.