The Philippines is considered as one of the best destinations in the world to study Medicine. This is because of the variety of features the country provides to the students who want to pursue their medical degree in the Philippines. The Philippines is more or less similar to that of India in many aspects. From climatic features to friendly people, the Philippines has become one of the favorite destinations for medical education around the world. In this blog, let us look at some of the features why the Philippines is considered as the best destination to study medicine.

High FMGE Pass Percentage

The Foreign Medical Graduate Exam is an eligibility exam which is used to assess medical graduates who have graduated from abroad. This exam is conducted by the government of India to ensure the quality of the education they have received during their academic years. Every medical graduate who has done their degree in an abroad country must clear the FMGE.

Some countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China might attract many Indian medical aspirants. Russia, Ukraine and China might provide high quality and affordable education to medical aspirants around the world, But the FMGE pass percentage is too low. Even if you graduated with high marks from a medical college abroad and couldn’t clear the FMGE you can not practice medicine in India.

Meanwhile countries like the Philippines have proven to have produced the highest percentage of FMGE cleared graduates. This is because of the education curriculum in the Philippines. Most of the questions in the FMGE will be linked with the Philippines education curriculum. This has now become one of the main reasons for students to choose the Philippines for medical education.

US Based Curriculum

The Philippines was once a colony of the United States. This is the reason why almost everyone in the Philippines will know English. This is the main reason why the Philippines has become an educational hub in the world. Students from countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and some African countries prefer the Philippines for their higher education because of this aspect alone.

The influence from the United States not only gave them the English language. The US also gave them the model of their educational system too. This model of education has attracted a lot of students around the world to pursue their higher education in the Philippines. Literally the students can get the quality of education similar to that of the US within a budget.

Climatic Conditions

Climatic conditions are also considered as a benefit if you choose to study medicine in the Philippines. The climatic conditions are more forgiving when compared with other countries like Russia and Ukraine. Geographically the Philippines is located in a position where the climatic patterns will be more similar to that of India.

The climatic conditions play a great role in the disease pattern of that particular country. Certain bacteria and viruses tend to live in climatic conditions and only in certain temperatures.  

High Literacy Rate

The Philippines is one of the very few countries which has the highest literacy rate in the world. The literacy rate in the Philippines is about 94%. High literacy rate means very low crime rate. This aspect makes the country very safe for foreign students who want to do their medical degree abroad. As we already know that the Philippines was a colony of the United States. Almost everyone in the Philippines will know basic English just like India.

English is also the official language in the Philippines. Language of Instruction in almost all of the schools and the colleges in the country will be in English. This is also an added advantage to the students who are studying MBBS in the country. This is also a main reason why international students usually prefer studying in the Philippines rather than other countries.

Countries like Russia, China will make you learn their mother tongue before starting medical academics. This will make the students waste their precious time on learning a new language, while in the Philippines you do not need to learn a new language. I hope this blog would have provided you with some insight about the reasons why the Philippines is the best destination to study medicine. To know more about medical education and MBBS in abroad , spend some time on our blog pages.