Friendship of Philippines with neighboring countries

The Philippines is a peace loving country. The Philippines was a colony of the United States before its independence. So most of the cultural and infrastructural aspects match more with the United States. Due to the history of this country the Philippines is always considered as an ally of the United States. 

The Philippines also has a good relationship with their neighboring countries. Moreover the Philippines government is concentrating on the growth of the country. Thus will probably avoid any conflict with its neighbors.

Filipinos relationship with Indian

Filipinos are considered as one of the friendliest people in the world. Due to the history of this country, this country accepts multicultural ambience. Unlike western countries, the Philippines has a very small amount of racism. Violence against Indian students studying in the Philippines is rare to point.

There is no history of violence or any harm to Indian students studying in the Philippines by the natives. Almost all Filipinos will know English just like in India. This makes the Indian students bond with them easily. There won’t be any problem racially when studying in the Philippines.

Responsibility of University for Indian Students

The Universities in the Philippines maintain a friendly relationship with the Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines. The management always has a clear conversation with the student community in the college. Problems faced by the students are always cleared by the management in a quick phase.

This makes studying medicine or any degree in the Philippines a good option and a safe option to the Indian students. Colleges like the University of Perpetual Help have almost 50% of MBBS women aspirants. This proves how safe the country is to Indian students. The Philippines could be one of the best destinations for you to study MBBS.