MBBS abroad could cost a fortune based on the country you choose. Quality education is not free. Economical conditions make the students seek scholarships. Most countries will have a scholarship program to assist their students to pursue their education in their college. In this blog, let us look at some of the facts and details about scholarships. There are two types of scholarships: Government scholarship and University scholarship. These scholarships are further divided into full-time scholarship and partial scholarship.

Difference Between Government Scholarship vs University Scholarship

Government Scholarships for MBBS abroad

The Government scholarship and the University scholarship are the two main types of scholarships. Government scholarships abroad are very difficult to get due to the high amount of competition that exists. There are very few countries which provide scholarships for abroad students.

University Scholarships for MBBS abroad

University scholarships can be easily availed by Indian medical students willing to study medicine abroad when compared with government scholarships. UG medical scholarships are very rare, while most of the university scholarships are only helpful for PG students. These scholarships are based on merit, financial backgrounds and academic performances

Difference Between Full Scholarship vs Partial Scholarship

Full Scholarship for MBBS abroad

This Scholarship is very tough to acquire from an abroad university or a government. Full scholarship usually covers literally every economical need of a student during his education period. Usually full scholarships will cover all the expenses from the tuition fees to the accommodation charges. The full scholarships can be eligible only to the students with excellent academic performances.

Partial Scholarship for MBBS abroad

The Partial scholarships are easily available when compared with full scholarships. Partial scholarships only cover a very small part of the whole fee. Usually partial scholarships will cover the tuition fees alone. The stationary fees and the fee for accommodations must be paid by the student. Partial scholarships will be very helpful to get into expensive universities.

How to Apply for a Scholarship for MBBS in abroad

Scholarships are usually applied through the official website of the college or university. Every decent college or university will post about the scholarship details on their official websites. Students can further proceed by collecting the required information and documents.

Some Abroad Scholarships for Indian Medical Students

  • Global Study Awards
  • Algoma University Chancellor’s Award
  • Beijing Government MBBS Scholarship
  • Bilateral MBBS Program by Anhui Medical University
  • Bilateral Program for Bachelor Degree by Nanjing Medical University
  • Singapore SINGA Award MBBS Scholarships
  • The Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program, Turkey
  • TUS Limerick Merit-based Academic Scholarship-UG
  • Vice-Chancellor’s International MBBS Scholarship, Sydney University
  • JGC-S Scholarship
  • Novus Biologicals Scholarship
  • NCI Master’s Edge Scholarship
  • Royal Thai Government MBBS Scholarships

These are some of the scholarships for Indian medical students. I hope this blog would have been of some use to you.