There is a lot of news that is revolving around the medical world that students will face a lot of problems after studying MBBS in abroad. That is not true. Students who complete their MBBS in abroad are successfully practicing medicine in India without any problem. Many students who have completed their MBBS in abroad are now successful doctors. In this blog let us look at the opportunities that a student can get after completing medicine abroad.

PG in India

Students who completed MBBS in abroad always want to do their MBBS in India. After completing MBBS from abroad, the students can choose among various postgraduate medical programs to become a specialist, only after giving the NEET PG exam or the NEXT exam.

NEET PG exam score is used for MD/MS & PG Diploma admission in Medical colleges of India. NEET PG is an eligibility cum ranking examination for various MD/MS & PG Diploma courses in India. Medical colleges in India offer over 70 PG M.D/M.S courses which are of 3 years. Masters in Medicine (M.D.) or Master of Surgery (M.S.) is a 3 years Postgraduate Degree course.

PG opportunity in abroad 

Some Indian medical students also will be willing to do their PG in the same country where they completed their UG. It is always worth doing MBBS in abroad from a top tier country. 

Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Germany are always a good destination to study PG. 

PG in Germany

Before applying for the PG courses, the candidates must learn the German language and get approved by the institutions in which you are studying the Language. After this process is complete, candidates get the confirmation for 1-6 months from a German hospital to pursue Medical PG in Germany.

PG in Australia

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) conducts a 2 part PG exam.

AMC Part 1: It’s a multiple choice question based exam. 

If the student clears the AMC part 1 exam they are eligible for AMC part 2.

AMC Part 2: AMC part 2 is a clinical test.

To participate in AMC exam, the candidate must have the English language proficiency.

When the candidate passes both the parts, they can apply for the AMC Certificate. The candidate must also do a 1 year internship in Australia to receive general registration.

PG in New Zealand

To get a PG medical seat in New Zealand the students must appear for the NZREX exam (New Zealand Registration Exam)

Eligibility criteria for the NZREX exam:

English language requirements:

  • IELTS with a minimum of 7.5 in speaking and listening a minimum of 7 in writing and reading. Dated within 2 years.
  • OET with a minimum of ‘A’ or ‘B’ in each of 4 components within one result. Dated within 2 years


PLAB stands for Professional and Linguistic Assessment board Exam. This is a licensing exam for the foreign medical graduates. If the students have completed MBBS outside the UK and want to do MBBS  PG in the UK they must attend this exam. 

PLAB exam has 2 steps, Before applying to the PLAB exam, you have to pass the IELTS Test, then PLAB 1 and PLAB 2

PLAB 1, It’s an online exam and is held at various countries in the world

clinical assessment PLAB 2 exam.  It is held in test centers in the UK

After passing this, you can apply for the license registration in the UK.


United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), also known as the board exam. This exam is mandatory for Foreign medical graduates completing their MBBS from Medical schools and colleges outside US and Canada to get the license to practice as a doctor in the USA.

The USMLE exam consists of 3 parts

USMLE 1: It’s an online MCQ based examination which can be given at the end of the 2nd year of MBBS.

USMLE 2: It has 2 steps USMLE 2 CK and USMLE 2 CS

  1. Computer based test Day Examination, which can be given in the 4Th year of MBBS. It is taken at the various test centers around the world.
  2. USMLE 2 CS: The test requires you to examine and diagnose actors posing as patients. For the Step 2 CS, students must travel to one of five testing centers around the United States.

USMLE 3: It’s an online exam to pass and be a licensed doctor in the USA.

These are some of the scope for Indian medical students after completing their MBBS in abroad and want to move up further.