On June 1st, The Philippines Medical Graduates Association requested the Honorable chief minister of Tamil Nadu  to merge the passport number with the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. The association said it will benefit thousands of students and business people who want to travel abroad.

Statement by the Association

The Honorary President of the association Mr. Gunasekar Ariyamuthu, in his letter to the CM of Tamil Nadu stated these following issues. First, he congratulated the CM on his efficiency on handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, he thanked the CM for reducing the restrictions on Foreign Medical graduates based on his request, so that they can be appointed directly to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The Request to the State Government

In his letter, he further stated the issues and difficulties the students and people traveling abroad face during this pandemic times. There are more than 6,000 Indian students who travel abroad to study higher education in countries like the Philippines, Ukraine and Russia every year.

During their visa processing, the officials demand a vaccination certificate in order to process the visa request. Thus, the request was made to merge the passport number in the vaccination certificate. This will reduce the burden on the traveler and minimize the process involved and benefit many Indian medical students.

NEET Cancellation Request

There was a NEET concession issued to the students who joined MBBS in abroad in the academic year 2020-2021. But for these students it was made mandatory to clear the NEET exam in the coming academic year.

Due to the increase of COVID cases around the world and the stress these students experience in their academics, it will be wise if the government cancels the NEET exams for these students. Said Mr. Gunasekar Ariyamuthu in his requests to the central minister of health department, Dr. Harsh Vardhan.


If the requests are met by the government, it will help thousands of students who are currently studying abroad and waiting for a visa. Kindly share your thoughts about this issue in the comment section below.