Due to the increasing COVID-19 cases in Tamil Nadu and the strain upon the health department workers, the TN government is planning to impose an ease on the restrictions for CRRI. Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI) is a mandatory internship which every student who has completed their MBBS in abroad countries must undergo. This Internship can be applied after the candidate has passed the FMGE exam.

This decision from the newly formed TN government could lead to hiring a good amount of about 500 foreign medical graduates for the internship program. Students who have cleared their FMGE exams alone are eligible for this opportunity.

Procedure for Getting a Non Objection Certificate

The students must apply for the online provisional eligibility certificate through the Tamil Nadu Medical Council (TNMC) portal by paying a fee of ₹10, 000. With the certificate, the candidates approach a hospital or medical college to obtain a No Objection Certificate for internship. A hospital usually takes a fortnight to issue an NoC.

With the NoC and the TNMC’s provisional eligibility certificate, the student must pay an amount of 1000 rupees on TNMC’s portal to apply for a provisional registration certificate. These documents are required to approach the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University for its NoC on payment of ₹3 lakhs. They then approach the Directorate of Medical Education (DME), along with the NoCs from the Dr. MGR Medical University and the foreign medical college and the provisional eligibility certificate from the TNMC. The DME will request the government to take further action on the students’ proposal. The candidate must then pay a fee of ₹2 lakhs to the medical respected medical college and request an internship.

Voices That Made This Possible

This scenario was made possible only because of the voice raised by the Philippines Medical Graduates Association of India and many educationalists including Dr. Ariyamuthu Gunasekar, founder of FENCE Education Consultancy who raised this issue about the FMG’s waiting to serve this COVID-19 crisis for their country. FENCE is one of the gateways for many Indian middle class students to get medical education in abroad countries. This education consultancy alone has produced more than 6000+ FMG’s for our country.


The TN government will surely recruit foreign medical graduates who have studied MBBS from countries all around the world and have cleared their FMGE exams. It is advisable for the foreign medical graduates to apply for a NoC and provide it to the DME. This is really a great opportunity for the students who have studied MBBS in abroad countries.