We humans are not perfectly built. We face many minor issues with our body everyday. These issues might not need medical supervision. We will be alright in a few hours or these issues might not even bother us.

But, have we ever thought about what might be the medical terms used to define these minor issues?

From eye twitching to goosebumps, we will see some of the issues our body experiences and the top 10 medical terminologies used to define them in this blog.

Top 10 Medical Terminologies

1. Eye Twitching.

Eye twitching could be very irritating sometimes, it is not a major issue if it goes away within a day or two. Doctor’s supervision is needed if it doesn’t go away within a week.

The medical terminology used to define Eye twitching is ocular myokymia” 

Many factors could cause eye twitching, but the main reasons for eye twitching are Stress, Fatigue and consumption of caffeine. Rest and dropping the level of caffeine intake could reduce the symptoms.

2. Numbness in Limbs

We experience numbness in hands or legs when we stay still or have some pressure in a particular limb for a long period of time. This is also not a major issue, it goes away without doing anything.

If the numbness is accompanied by weakness, paralysis or shortness of breath you must seek immediate medical attention.

The medical terminology used to define Numbness in Limbs is obdormition”

Prolonged pressure in your hands or legs could cause numbness if that’s not the reason and you find the symptoms recurring immediate medical help is mandatory.

3.Brain Freeze

We all might have experienced it as kids, suddenly drinking cold water or eating ice cream causes a short headache. 

The medical terminology used to define Brain Freeze is “Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”

Sudden cooling of our sinus capillaries by the cold food which causes narrowing of the vessels, and a quick rewarming of the vessels by the warm air causes this effect. These changes in a short duration causes a headache.

This Headache is short lived 98% of people experience it for less than 5 minutes. If it persists for a longer duration you should seek medical attention. 

4.Tongue Bumps

These bumps usually occur on the surface of our tongue and last for a couple of days to a week. 

The medical terminology used to define tongue bumps is “transient lingual papillitis”

Tongue bumps could occur for several reasons from stress to hormonal factors. It is wise to see a doctor if it remains for more than a week.

5.Cheek Biting

When we accidentally bite the inside of our cheek it becomes a bump and we will again bite that bump and it becomes a cycle if we are not careful.

The medical terminology used to define the bumps inside our cheeks due to biting  is “morsicatio buccarum”

These will get cleared within a week, if it stays more than a week and hurts a lot seek medical attention.


Hiccups could be more annoying if it doesn’t go away after drinking water. Hiccups are not that much of a serious problem.

The medical terminology used to define Hiccups is “synchronous diaphragmatic flutter”


Sneezing is common in dusty environments and it could also be a symptom of cold. Sneezing is just a reflex action of our body to clear our upper respiratory tract.

The medical terminology used to define Sneezing is “sternutate”

Sneezing is not a serious issue. But it is also the prime means of spreading a communicable disease. Always cover your mouth and nose while sneezing.

8.Eye Floaters

That thread, like floating objects which can be visible when we look at the sky, is called the floaters.

The medical terminology for Eye Floaters is “muscae volitantes”

This does not cause any harm to your eye. But when floaters are combined with eye pain and blurred vision seek medical advice.

9.Stomach Growling

Stomach growling is mainly a signal to our body that it needs food. Most of the time stomach growling is not harmful.

The medical terminology used to define stomach growling is “borborygmi”

Persistent stomach growling and discomfort in stomach could be something serious visit the doctor at the earliest.


Goosebumps could occur to us any time. From hearing a great song to seeing an emotional movie scene we get goosebumps.

The medical term used to define Goosebumps is “horripilation”

This is not a serious condition and only lasts for a few seconds.

So, I think you would have got to know something new. What are your views on Top 10 Medical Terminologies we experience every day? Kindly share it in the comment section below. Read more in our Blogs page.