Studying MBBS abroad has now become easier than ever. More than 3000 students travel to the Philippines from India every year to pursue their dream. The increase in education consultancies has simplified the admission process to this country. The hazel free admission process, the reasonable fee structure and the quality of education in the Philippines has attracted a lot of Indian students to the Philippines. So in turn the population of the Indian students will be higher in almost all the colleges in the Philippines.

After completing their graduation from the Philippines most of the Indian students will return back to India to practice medicine. The students will prepare for their FMGE(Foreign Medical Graduate Exam). If they clear the exam they can apply for the Medical license to practice medicine in India. The other option for these students graduating from the Philippines is they can try to clear the USMLE (United States Medical licensure Examination). In this blog, let us look at the possibilities of USMLE for Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines.

USMLE Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who are graduates or officially enrolled in a medical school in the US or Canada which is LCME accredited or COCA accredited can apply for the exam.
  • Aspirants who are residing outside the United States or Canada must be graduated from a college or a university which is listed in the WDMS(World Directory of Medical Schools) that meets all the norms of ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) requirements.

Students can visit the official USMLE website to get more insight about this particular issue.

Steps Involved in USMLE for Indian Medical Students

USMLE is one of the most prestigious and toughest medical eligibility exams in the world. Medical graduates from almost all the countries participate in the USMLE to get clearance to practice medicine in the United States of America. Graduates from the Philippines find it easy to clear the USMLE because of the similar curriculum between these two countries.

The USMLE consists of different steps for the students to clear. The USMLE is one of the means to weigh a graduate.


The 1st and the second year of the UG academics are the portions . So Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Behavioral Science, and Biostatistics are some of the subjects from which the questions may be asked. This part of the exam is usually MCQ type with 4 options. 300 is the total mark for this exam and a student needs to get 190 marks to clear the exam. Scoring around 240-250 could get any Indian medical graduate a masters program.


The step 2 of the USMLE has about 2 parts which include the clinical knowledge test and the clinical skill test. In the clinical knowledge test the students must have a clear view on final year subjects. Subjects such as the Internal medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, OBG. This is also a MCQ type question with a total of 350 questions and the qualifying mark is 209. In the clinical skill test the student has to prove their practical knowledge and communication skills with the patients. The exam centers will in the US.

These are the steps involved in clearing the USMLE after completing your MBBS degree from the Philippines. To know more about MBBS education and studying MBBS abroad spend some time in our blogs.